2013-2014 Candidates for Graduation

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Graduation candidates for Fall 2013 are listed below.

This is not an official list of degree recipients; it is only a list of eligible candidates on file.  Students who believe they should be eligible to complete their degree requirements by the end of December 2013 and are not on this list should contact Student Services (Pioneer Hall room 285).

Undergraduate Graduation Candidates

Area, Scott A. Munkhtamga, Munkh-Uyanga
Blass, Jasmin G. Orocio, Monique D.
Cook, Taylor Oswald, Evan A.
Davaadorj, Dolgorjav Rhoades, Brok R.
Evans, Lauren N. Roberts, Jeffrey M.
Fronce, Blake K. Toraya, Yadira
Hanks, Chelsea N. Turner, JaLil
Heerey, Kayley J. Vasquez, Vanessa
Irwin, Tia J. Velasco, Jose I.
Jacobs, Morgan M. Walker, Christian H.
Kuhlman, Trevor R. Weber, Caitlin R.
Lindsey, Erin Westfahl, Shelby T.
Medina, Rachelle C. Wuest, Cassandra N.

Graduate Graduation Candidates

Robben, Alejandra Johnson, Courtney B.
Disney, Derik J. Renna, Neal A.
Dovenberg, Michael R. Renneisen, Rachael A.
His, Yu-San Berry, Anthony A.
Hu, Yu-Ching Pierce, Casey L.
Huang, Yung-Yi