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Pioneer Hall on the Kansas Wesleyan campus

Pursuing Excellence

Kansas Wesleyan University quickly became recognized as an institute that developed both intellect and character. In the pursuit of excellence, students found faculty who were experienced in their field, nurturing the whole person—mind, body and spirit—and providing opportunities that allowed young minds to think in daring ways.

When the railroad needed a program to teach telegraphy, Kansas Wesleyan University rose to the occasion. When additional Normal Colleges where needed to train teachers for the one-room schoolhouses, Kansas Wesleyan University became an educational pioneer.

Today our students are learning with high-tech 3D printers and state-of-the-art software in our MacIntosh computer lab. And, their experiences are reaching far beyond the classrooms to international destinations such as Liberia, Prague and Costa Rica.

They are learning from respected and talented instructors such as Ken Hakoda, director of the Salina Symphony and doctoral candidate at Columbia University. And, Dr. Jamie Spikes, who is inspiring our students with her international philanthropic initiatives and mission work while guiding our future leaders in the field of nursing.

Kansas Wesleyan is offering coursework and majors relevant to today’s societal trends and employment market. Our new Emergency Management Program is unique among Liberal Arts institutions and will produce professionals equipped to educate individuals and organizations to be prepared for and ultimately recover from catastrophic events. 

Excellence is being pursued outside of our classrooms as well. Students are realizing  extraordinary achievements on the athletic fields, in forensics competitions, in music halls and theaters where valuable lessons of character, teamwork and leadership are also being learned.

Today, Kansas Wesleyan University is poised with experiential learning experiences and exceptional faculty, instructors and coaches who will continue this legacy of excellence, challenging our students to achieve their dreams.