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Student Consumer Information

Below is a compilation of links to information for our students.

Safeguarding Customer Information

Gram-Leach-Bliley Act: Sections 501 and 505(b)(2)

Six Month Post-Graduation Survey

Institutional and Financial Assistance Information for Students

Financial assistance information

Student rights and responsibilities as a financial aid recipient – Course catalog (pages 22-25)

Student on-campus employment terms and conditions:

Course catalog (page 8)

Federal and state financial aid

Student handbook

Cost of attendance (tuition and fees)

Procedures for withdrawing from Kansas Wesleyan University, refund policy, return of Title IV funds:

Student handbook (pages 22-23, 33)

Course catalog (pages 22-23, 36-37)

Academic program information and accreditation details:


Course catalog

  • Institution, page 2
  • Nursing, pages 161-162
  • Teacher Education, page 184

Services for students with disabilities:
Student handbook (pages 7-8)

Course catalog (pages 183, 186, 191, 196)

Study abroad program

Pre-professional programs

Policies related to copyright infringement, plagiarism, and unauthorized per-to-peer file sharing – Student handbook (page 32)

Transfer credit policies and articulation agreements

Net price calculator

Student body diversity – Course catalog

ISBN and price for all required or recommended textbooks


Drug & Alcohol Prevention

See Student handbook (pages 12, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27)

Consumer Information for Student Athletes
Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act
Completion rates for Student Athletes 

Student Right-to-Know Act

Student handbook (page 15)
In accordance with the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act (Public Law 101-542), a statistical report for crime occurring ON the campus of Kansas Wesleyan University is provided.

Clery/Campus Security Act and Fire Safety Reports on Student Housing

Student handbook (pages 25-27)

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)


Safeguarding Customer Information

Fire Safety Reports and Student Housing



Course Catalog (page 34–35)

Loan Disclosures

  1. National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)
  2. Student Loan Information Published by the U.S. Department of Education 
  3. State Grant Assistance Entrance Counseling For Student Loan Borrowers
  4. Entrance Counseling For Student Loan Borrowers
  5. Exit Counseling For Student Loan Borrowers
  6. Private Education Loan Disclosures (Including Self-Certification Form)
  7. Code of Conduct for Education Loans

Preferred Lender Lists
Preferred Lender Arrangements
Private Education Loans
Annual report on Preferred Lender Arrangements

Student Testing Results

The following represents student success rates on programmatic level licensure and related assessment tests for the previous three years, or less where appropriate:

Teacher Education licensure examination pass rates for program completers:

2011-2012:  100%
2012-2013:  96.6%
2013-2014:  90.9%
2014-2015: 88.9%

Teacher Education completers pass rate on the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio:

2011-2012:  100%
2012-2013:  100%
2013-2014:  100%
2014-2015: 100%

Average GPA of Teacher Education program completers

2011-2012:  3.35
2012-2013:  3.47
2013-2014:  3.37
2014-2015: 3.49

Nursing completer pass rate on the licensure examination (first attempt):

2011-2012:  93.5%
2012-2013:  75.0%
2013-2014:  58.3%
2014-2015:  58.8%

Addictions Counseling licensure pass rate:

2011:  100%
2012:  100%
2013:  100%
2014: 100%
2015: no takers