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Kevin Payton

Overall, the theatre department at Kansas Wesleyan is what pulled me in.

Originally, I had enrolled as a physics major, but was still a bit unsure of myself.  The one thing that I was sure of was my interest in theatre.  I took a campus tour, and of all the things I looked at the theatre department really stood out to me.  The environment seemed open, the faculty was lovely, and I was impressed with their work.  

I had attended KWU’s productions of Jekyll & Hyde and Metamorphosis, but the campus visit pretty much sold me.  One of the advantages of KWU being a smaller school was the opportunity.  

Despite me being only a physics major, I was thoroughly involved with the theatre department, and I never felt more at home or fulfilled.  The rehearsal process was always direct, and professional, and I learned so more in one year, then I have in over 2 years at a different school!  

What’s unique and special about the theatre department is that it’s intimate, yet presents art not witnessed or performed elsewhere.  It’s just different.  Due to my short time at KWU, the only theatre class I got to take was physical acting.  Once again, this sort of class isn’t widely offered elsewhere, and opens up new angles from which to approach performance.   

As hinted, I transferred from KWU at the end of my freshman year, but this was due to personal reasons, not at all because of dissatisfaction with KWU.  The theatre department is what pulled me in, and to this day, it makes me miss KWU very much.