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Lindsey Kepka

Graduated in May, 2011 – Bachelor of Arts – Religion, Currently attending KWU for MBA, graduating in May 2013

I participated in Forensics and Debate in High School but am naturally a very timid person. Kansas Wesleyan’s Theatre Program brought me out of my shell. Self-conscious to a fault, I still loved to act, and my family pressured me to audition for KWU’s production, “Metamorphoses.” I reluctantly agreed, more to get them off my back than anything else. I was unsure at the time how I could manage everything that was on my plate. I was taking a full class load, playing tennis and working a few part time jobs. The production crew was extremely flexible in order to meet my needs. I felt prepared for the production while still maintaining a balance in other areas of my life.

The whole experience of the production was honestly one of the most memorable pieces of my time at KWU.  During the rehearsals, everyone made me feel right at home, and I came out of the production more confident. I hurdled over obstacles that I never thought I could with the help of the KWU Theatre Team. Although it seems minuscule to most,  water is my biggest fear in the world, and much of “Metamorphoses” took place in a pool. With the support of everyone involved with the production, I was confident in the water by opening night. Taking “Intro to Theatre” as a fine arts course also supplemented my knowledge, so my performance was continuously evolving. I currently work as a community relations manager, and without my experience from KWU, I don’t think I ever could have accomplished what I have.