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Thu-Han “Twoey” Truong

Looking back on my experience in the Kansas Wesleyan University Department of Theatre, I consider all the gifts I received from my education. I was fortunate in my education to be given the chance to see myself differently. I worked with many dedicated, talented people to create theatre in new and exciting ways with no illusions of grandeur, but with a sense of purpose and commitment to reflect the human condition through art. I was given the ability to explore new ways of creating theatre—I directed, wrote, performed, discussed, and experienced theatre as a student at Kansas Wesleyan.

I enjoyed the collaborative process of producing a theatrical event. KWU prides itself on its student-to-teacher ratio and I concur that the accessibility of the faculty and staff allowed me to ask questions and be involved in the creative process. Being able to talk to my directors and professors openly during the rehearsal process helped me to achieve greater heights as an artist. This was a discovery I made very late in my tenure in college theatre. I truly had to learn what I know now as common knowledge: the ability to take direction and make inventive choices. I had formerly believed theatre to be a game of chess, of moving pawns from one square to the next to bring about the eventual conclusion—on the contrary, in my studies I learned that theatre is the conversation and connection between the chess players during the game; the relationship that exists between artists and the artform itself which can somehow be translated and expressed to an audience in another form is not a game with a winner and a loser, but an event that brings people together to share and feel with one another.

I have my theatre professor at Kansas Wesleyan to thank for opening the door to new opportunities and ultimately a new life journey. I had always dreamed of being a performer but didn’t know how to pursue those dreams. With encouragement from my theatre professor I auditioned for theatre graduate schools and was accepted to a program which allowed me to continue my growth as an artist. I am now a teaching artist seeking opportunities to teach others what I have learned about theatre and the human condition. I left Kansas but it has never left me, because I carry the knowledge and experience that shaped who I am, and for that I am grateful.

Thu-Han “Twoey” Truong

Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance, University of Southern Mississippi 2011

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and English, Kansas Wesleyan University 2008