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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English at Kansas Wesleyan University:

Fueled by words!

If you command the English language, you command the words and ideas that make things happen. Speeches. News stories. Website content. Novels. Movies. Curriculum. All brought to you by people who understand the power of language.

Studying English at Kansas Wesleyan University will prepare you intellectually to understand complex texts, develop strong arguments and communicate elegantly and effectively—skills that are highly valued in the workplace. You will also become familiar with the works of literature that have shaped Western Civilization along with literary voices from other cultures.

A degree in English prepares you to become a nimble, adaptable citizen of the world as it also equips you with marketable skills.

English degree options

  • English - Specialization offered in: Writing
  • English Education (6-12)
  • English minor

Why study English at KWU? Because we train you to communicate!

Small classes and individual attention characterize the English programs at KWU. The English Department at KWU will give you opportunities to study and work with faculty one-on-one.

  • Learn in small, seminar-style classes, in which you’ll learn and discuss works of writing in depth.
  • Participate in an independent study, working one-on-one with a KWU faculty member on a research or writing project of your choosing.
  • Enhance your leadership and editorial abilities on the editorial board of The Catalpa, KWU’s literary magazine.
  • Develop your fiction and poetry through the KWU Writers Guild.

What can I do with an English degree from Kansas Wesleyan University? Go anywhere!

Because of the intellectual discipline required of English majors, an English degree is one of the most translatable bachelor’s degrees. English majors have the opportunity to attend graduate school, law school and graduate business school, study library science and other fields. English majors can also go on to become teachers, writers, marketing professionals, business executives, government workers, web content providers and more. 

Get your education in these English classes

  • World Literature
  • Major British Writers
  • American Literature
  • Creative Writing


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