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Our Students

This page highlights the past and present accomplishments and activities of our history students.

KWU Department of History graduates work as lawyers, museum professionals, librarians, office managers, a psychiatric technician, and in sales. They are regularly accepted into graduate school. And many work as teachers. One of our graduates in History Education -- Mr. Joshua Massey -- received the 2012 Salina School District Horizon Award for excellence in first year teaching. Another -- Ms. Emma Kitch -- was recognized as one of "The Best of KWU" in 2015. Many of our majors graduate with honors.

In addition, our students have been accepted into interesting and important internships at places like Smoky Hill Museum, Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, and the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America National Organization in Washington, D.C. One History major recently did an internship in the Washington, D.C. office of Senator Jerry Moran.

The KWU Department of History is very proud to congratulate the following 2014-2015 graduates:

          -Ms. Emma Kitch (B.A. in History Education)

          -Ms. Michelle Hudson (B.A. in History)

          -Mr. Jonathon Dewey (B.A. in History Education)

          -Mr. Alex McFaddin (B.A. in History Education)

          -Mr. Joshua Anderson (2012 KWU History graduate, 2014 Teacher Certification in History Education)

          -Ms. Sarah Draget (Minor in History)

          -Mr. Traves Liles (Minor in History)

The KWU Department of History is very proud to recognize the following award winners:

          -Ms. Emma Kitch (2015 Outstanding History Graduate Award)

          -Mr. Luke Curry (2015 Brian Hodson Memorial Scholarship)

 The Alpha Theta Alpha Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society is very proud to welcome our newest inductees (2014-2015 school year):

          -Mr. Aaron Byarlay

          -Mr. Luke Curry

          -Ms. Melissa Larson

          -Ms. Sarah Draget

          -Mr. Traves Liles