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Want to exhibit with us?

Interested in Exhibiting with us?

  • E-mail Gallery Director, Peggy Medina, at
  • Please send at least five examples of the artist or group's work and a short description of the type of exhibit you are wanting to have. 
  • We plan our exhibits at least one year in advance.
  • The Gallery hosts local, regional, and national artists each year. 

Gallery Information

  • Gallery Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. or by appointment. 
  • Coordinated with every exhibition, The Gallery hosts a one hour Gallery Talk. The Gallery asks for the artist to be present if possible. 
  • The Gallery is located on the campus of Kansas Wesleyan University in Sams Hall of Fine Arts. Enter on the east side of the building through the south doors. 
  • The Gallery has plywood walls with dark grey carpet. The floor is carpeted. Arists can use screws, nails, or velcro to hang artwork.
  • Walls are all 7 ft. high because of a soffit, then ceiling raises to 10 ft., 12 in. out from the wall. 
  • Track lighting is used in The Gallery.
  • There are metal beams running down the ceiling in case the artist would need to install a piece from the ceiling.
  • Do not hang heavy work from the pipes running down the center.
  • KWU has some hanging supplies including: screws, nails, drills, tape measure, ladder and level. All other materials needed to install the artwork needs to be brought by the artist. KWU will hang the exhibit for artist if needed but does require the artist to hang their own work if it is complicated to install.
  • The Gallery has various sizes of pedestals. If the artist knows what sizes they may need, we can have the pedestals painted for them. Otherwise it will be the artist's responsibility to touch them up.
  • The Gallery is not responsible for any stolen or damaged property.
  • The Gallery does not take any commission if artwork is sold. The Gallery does not require work to be for sale. 
  • The Gallery does not help fund the artist transportation or  cost to prepare or hang the exhibit. 
  • A minimum of two weeks prior to the exhibit we need: the name of the artist(s), jpgs of the work with title and media, artist statement and bio, and the name of the exhibit for the press release. The sooner the artist can send this information, the better.


Parking is free anywhere on campus (No parking pass is needed to install or take down work). It is best to park behind Pioneer Hall. If artist needs a closer location, please contact the Gallery Director.

For more information or questions, contact Gallery Director, Peggy Medina at