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Kiefer Storrer speaking at graduation

Kiefer Storrer

Gary Harmon was the first person from KWU I ever met. You could say he was the reason I came to Wesleyan. Following an average but endearing four years of high school Debate and Forensics, I determined that doing that in college was the only thing I actually knew what I wanted out of my life for the following four years. My high school coach and English teacher Donna Crane told me she knew Gary, that he was awesome, and that he coached at KWU, so Wesleyan quite literally was the only college I applied to.

During my visit, we ate at Mocha's, which is a KWU debate recruit tradition, then he introduced me to Barbara Marshall (who is another KWU hero of mine), and from then on, it was history.

Harmon helped me through many tough times in my life, both in and out of the debate round. He inspired me to search for the probable truth, question everything, and commit myself intellectually to better causes. I went from being a no named recruit from a small Kansas high school my Freshman year, to placing second place at Christian Nationals my senior year with my partner, and being a part of the first place sweepstakes winning team with the rest of my KWU teammates.

I attribute all of that to Harmon. Not only has he inspired me to perform better and to be a better person, he has inspired me to pursue coaching at the collegiate level, and one day when I find success there, I will attribute that to Gary as well.