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Zack Brown

I originally came to KWU as a history secondary education major to play football. Eventually I was pulled into Kansas Wesleyan’s debate and forensics program, which introduced me to one of the greatest teachers I have ever been able to work with. Gary Harmon, the debate and forensics coach at KWU, became so much more than just an amazing teacher; he was a role model, a listener, a problem solver, and someone I could always turn to whether it be about my competitive debate and forensics career, my academic career, my life goals, personal issues, or spiritual guidance.

Gary Harmon is not only always happy to talk but is always passionate about the help he can provide. It is through Harmon’s personality and leadership that the KWU debate and forensics program is more than just a team, but instead, a family. Like I said, I originally went to KWU to play football, but after a few years at KWU I began to hear about the debate program at KWU and decided to give it a go.

My first day in the class with Harmon I was welcomed with a big smile and a feeling of someone who believed in me before he, or myself at that time, even knew my potential. Harmon worked with me as I developed my skills in debate and forensics with the same level of patience and passion he gave to the debaters that had all the experience in the world. It was from joining the debate team that I was fortunate enough to develop a very special relationship with Gary Harmon that I will always cherish.

Through his passion for debate and forensics, I began to really develop my academic curiosity which led me on a path of increased grades, adding a second major (speech), and applying and be accepted into law school to pursue a new found passion and goal. I will always be so appreciative of my time at KWU and the people I met and worked with while I was there but I am forever thankful and lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and grow under the guidance of Gary Harmon. He is truly a legend, not only in the field debate and forensics, but also as a mentor.