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Smoky Hills Winds Festival

Kansas Wesleyan Music is pleased to announce its 16th annual Smoky Hills Winds Festival - an honor band where outstanding high school musicians perform in concert alongside the KWU Wind Ensemble! This year's festival will be Friday February 6 through Saturday February 7. Final concert is at 1pm in Sams Chapel on Saturday.

For more information or to sign up for the event, please visit the Smoky Hills Winds Festival page by clicking the link on the right-hand menu.

KWU Choirs Tour Eastern Europe!

In May, the KWU Choir participated in a concert tour of Eastern Europe. Accompanied by Alumni and friends, the ensemble visited Prague, Vienna and Budapest - with quick stops in Bratislava, Slovakia and Estyrgom, Hungary. In addition to performing a concert of American choral music in local churches, the group toured local sights and famous attractions.


About Kansas Wesleyan Music

The Kansas Wesleyan University Department of Music offers majors in Music Performance, Music Education, and Creative Major, as well as a minor in Music. The Music Department’s foundation is built upon faculty members who are well qualified in their specific content area to broaden each student’s knowledge and understanding of music. Each faculty member, in addition to stressing quality performances, emphasizes the day-to-day basic music education techniques that lend themselves to preparing students to become well prepared educators.

Why Kansas Wesleyan?

Students at Kansas Wesleyan are encouraged to take part in all facets of the music program. Additionally, students are able to tailor their course of study to match specific interest or goals, such as instrumental conducting, composition or operatic solo singing. Because of these unique small-school advantages, graduates from KWU enter the classroom as a well-rounded music educator, possessing the skills needed for today's music teaching jobs.