Smoky Hills High School Honor Band

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19th Annual Smoky Hills High School Honor Band

Kansas Wesleyan University Department of Music is pleased to announce its 19th Annual Smoky Hills High School Honor Band Festival, to be held Thursday, February 8, 2018.

Students must be nominated by December 1, 2017Nominations will open on November 1, 2017.

Festival highlights include:

  • Festival Honor Band performance preceded by a performance of the KWU Wind Ensemble
  • Opportunity to perform with a featured guest artist
  • Director's clinic: Topic TBA
  • Opportunity for seniors to perform their scholarship audition while on campus

Each school submitting nominations will have students selected. Students who have made a Kansas All-State instrumental ensemble (band, jazz band, orchestra) will receive immediate acceptance into the honor band, with NO REGISTRATION FEES REQUIRED. All other registration, fee, and schedule information will be sent when the final roster is sent to directors. 

Selection of participants

  1. Name up to 10 (if applicable) of your most able and experienced players, who would like the opportunity to participate.  (open to freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors)
  2. If the student has been selected to other honor bands (i.e. District, All-State, other college/universities) please list these in your director's assessment, alongside solo/festival ratings. 
  3.  Please speak to percussionsts' abilities in each of the following areas: timpani, battery, auxiliary, and mallets. 

Tentative Schedule

8:30am | Check-in

9:00am | Ensemble Seating and First Rehearsal

12:00pm | Lunch in KWU Dining Hall

1:30pm | Afternoon Rehearsal

5:00pm | Break for Dinner

7:30pm | Concert with KWU Wind Ensemble (Pioneer Hall - Sams Chapel)