Beginning the Adventure

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This is a place to take the time to explore the deepest questions of human existence. The Religion and Philosophy program at Kansas Wesleyan provides a unique opportunity for each student to examine their life and their place in the world, to see which direction they are being called. The faculty are dedicated to allowing each individual their own chance to critically examine issues presented by the world around them.

A student majoring in Religion and Philosophy develops the skills critical to the field, including a strong emphasis on writing and textual analysis. Other skills are developed, including leadership, personal spiritual commitment, research, collaboration, and technology. Creativity, responsibility and caring are nurtured in the major.

At Kansas Wesleyan, there is a strong emphasis on spiritual formation, though campus ministries, chapel, and contact with area churches and fellowships.

The Religion and Philosophy Department of Kansas Wesleyan is distinctive in the amount of time and personal contact each of the students has with the instructors. Students have an opportunity to interact closely with faculty in the department. This occurs not only within the college classroom and across the campus, but also out in the community. This contact gives unique opportunities for valuable hands on learning in the form of community service learning, on-site internships, and campus leadership in spiritual life.Students experience hands-on activities that provide authentic preparation for service and ministry through projects, collaboration and work in area churches and social service agencies.