Distance Education

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Are you looking for a challenging, faith-based education but don't have the time or flexibility to attend all of your courses on a set schedule? Kansas Wesleyan University offers students the opportunity to get the same quality education through online and hybrid course offerings.  Students completing online courses at KWU have the ability to interact with faculty and other students, complete assignments and tests, and study when and wherever it's convenient for them.

Before you make a decision to take an online course at Kansas Wesleyan University please review the following information carefully.

Online classes are not easier than traditional classes, and for some they can be more difficult. We want your experience in online learning to be successful and meaningful.

If you can answer yes to each item on this checklist then you have the potential to succeed in an online class:

  • I am self-motivated.
  • I rarely miss class or assignment due dates.
  • I am able to read instructions carefully and follow them.
  • I feel comfortable to visit with, call, or e-mail an instructor for help or clarification.
  • My computer skills are average or above.
  • I can download documents or software.
  • I can send attachments to e-mail.
  • I have access to a computer and the Internet when I plan to work on my online class.

Note: Our online classes require that you have access to the Internet.

At Kansas Wesleyan University, our distance education formats offer you a caring, Christian-centered environment, outstanding curriculum, and real world application – entirely at your convenience.

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