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Our academic calendar provides you with the dates you need to know:
When can I move in?  When do classes begin?  When is the last day I can add a class? Find this and more in the KWU Academic Calendar.

Important Dates to Remember for Fall 2014:

Fall classes begin (Tues) 19-Aug
Last day to enroll in or drop courses (Mon) 25-Aug
Labor Day Holiday (Mon--no classes will be held) 1-Sept
Last day to withdraw from 1st half semester classes (Wed) 17-Sept
Wesleyan Journey Final Registration due for Spring (Sat) 20-Sept
Last class day for 1st half semester classes (Fri) 3-Oct
Fall Break: Study Away/Wesleyan Journey (No classes meet) Oct 4-12
First class day for 2nd half semester classes (Mon) 20-Oct
Last day to add or drop 2nd half semester classes—(Strongly encouraged to add by August 25) 22-Oct
Last day to withdraw from full-semester classes (Mon) 3-Nov
Last day to withdraw from 2nd half semester classes (Wed)  19-Nov
Thanksgiving Holiday (No classes meet) Nov 26-28
Last regular class day/last day for 2nd half semester classes 9-Dec
Final Examinations (Wed, Thurs, Fri) Dec 10-12

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