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Transfer Credit Equivalency Guides

These guides are designed to assist students to determine transfer course equivalencies. Courses are designated as equivalent to a Kansas Wesleyan University course, general elective credit, technical/vocational/alternative credit (30 hour limit), or non-transferable. A maximum of 63 credit hours will be accepted from two year colleges.

Course work from regionally accredited institutions of higher education will be evaluated for transfer credit by the Office of the Registrar as a part of the admissions process. Official transcripts are required for the transfer of credit. Students and prospective students planning to take a course at another institution to transfer to Kansas Wesleyan University should contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance, counseling, and pre-approval. A degree audit is available online through MyKWU for applicants for admission and current students.

Any course identified as remedial is not transferable. Any course identified as a workshop, seminar, practicum, field experience, work experience, continuing education, etc. will be carefully evaluated by the Office of the Registrar. While transfer of credit generally occurs, some limits are applied in the cases of repeat courses. Credit for varsity sports is limited to one repeat. Transfer of all activity-based Health, Physical Education, and Recreation courses are limited to four credit hours.

Current degree seeking students may receive credit for learning from experience outside the traditional classroom, this credit may be granted for portfolio, military experience, field experience, advanced placement program (AP), international baccalaureate (IB), college level examination program (CLEP), and technical/vocational courses taken at a previous institution. A maximum of 30 semester credit hours will be accepted from these combined experiences.

Click here for some examples of programs KWU considers technical.