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Experience the convenience of distance learning with KWU Everywhere, with the offering of online courses that allow you to learn wherever and whenever you choose.

Here is a sample of some of the online courses that have been offered in recent semesters:


  • Arts and Culture (ARTS275)
  • Human Sexuality (BSHS232)
  • Dynamics of Professional Communication (BUSA550)
  • Legal Environment of Business (BUSA565)
  • Marketing Management (BUSA570)
  • Introduction to Media Writing (COMM200)
  • Global Aspect of Technology (COMP345)
  • Computer Technology and Application (COMP585)
  • Criminal Law (CRIM200)
  • Victimology (CRIM220)
  • Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness (EMGT202)
  • Crisis Communication (EMGT203)
  • Disaster Response & Recovery (EMGT208)
  • Introduction to Cyber Warfare (EMGT305)
  • Intermediate English Composition (ENGL121)
  • Studies in Writing (ENGL265)
  • World Civilization I (HIST105) and II (HIST106)
  • Wesleyan Experience (INTD105)
  • Wesleyan Heritage (INTD115)
  • Music Appreciation (MUSI115)
  • Introduction to Professional Nursing (NURS250)
  • Pharmacology (NURS318)
  • Public Policy (POLI200)
  • Social Psychology (PSY201)
  • Introduction to Gangs (SOCI180)
  • Domestic Violence (SOCI306)
  • General Methods for Special Education Services (SPED315)
  • Behavior Management (SPED345)
  • Medical Terminology (SPES180)
  • Philosophy of Coaching (SPES225)
  • Introduction to Motor Behavior (SPES341)
  • Kinesiology (SPES443)
  • Sports Law (SPMT365)

DEADLINES: See the Academic Calendar for registration deadlines.

TEXTBOOKS: For textbook information, go to Yotee’s Bookstore. Next, click on the drop down menu under "Kansas Wesleyan University textbooks" in the middle left of the page to select a term. You will then be directed to the page called "Search by Course," where you will be able to select your department, course number, and section to find the required books.

If your course is not listed on the Yotee's Bookstore website, contact yotees at or 785-833-4350.

AVAILABLE COURSES: Click Here to search our current online course schedule --> Takes you to "Course Schedule (Searchable)"

Under Instructional Method, select "Online"

Under Session, choose ALL available courses

Click the "Search" button -- and then scroll down

You will be able to see all available online courses (25 results per page). Each is listed with course code, course title, section, number of credits, whether open or closed, semester offered, course dates, instructor and department. Beneath each course listing is a description of the course content.

This online list is updated regularly.