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Financial Aid For Students Enrolled in Online Courses



  • The federal regulations governing the federal financial aid programs require that in order to receive federal financial assistance, the student be a “regularly admitted student accepted into a program of study”.   This means that Federal financial aid is available for on line students who are “degree seeking” at KWU. This means that they have completed all of the on-line admissions application processes, submitted all required official test scores, official transcripts from all colleges attended and their  high school of graduation transcript, and have been officially accepted for admission to the University.
  • This means that students who elect NOT to provide transcripts, test scores etc are NOT officially admitted. They are considered “Non-degree seeking” and are NOT eligible to use Federal Financial Aid. On Line students who wish to use federal financial aid to pay for their On Line courses, must submit the Degree Seeking Admissions application and all transcripts and test scores and be admitted to the University.
  • Are you taking classes at another college as well as with KWU Everywhere?  The federal regulations require that you receive financial aid at only one institution at a time, so if you are taking On-Line Courses at KWU and attending another college as a Degree-Seeking Student, contact the KWU Director of Student Financial Planning ( re: a "consortium agreement" with your other institution so you can receive financial aid and attend both colleges.



Q:           How does Financial Aid work for Online Courses? 

A:           The process is fairly simple.   It starts with FAFSA.

Step 1:  Log onto (FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to submit your FAFSA application


Q. How do I know for which Academic year, I should submit my FAFSA? 

A. That depends on when you will begin KWU online classes.





When will your KWU Online Courses begin?


Submit the FAFSA for:







Summer Term 2016 (May 31, 2016)

2015-16 Academic Year

Deadline 6/30/2016

1 Deadlines: www.FAFSA.ed .gov will continue to accept your FAFSA through June 30th, but in order for Financial Aid to help you pay for your KWU OnLine Courses, you should submit your FAFSA as early as possible and weeks before your classes begin.



Step 2:  Three Business Days later, check MyKWU >  Documents Tracking.   

              Click on MyKWU on the black bar across the top of the KWU Home Page.

                 Log into your MyKWU. 

(Hint:   If you don’t remember your username and password; check the first email you received after you submitted your application.) 


Step 3:   Shortly after you submit the needed documents, we will prepare a financial aid award for you.

               Your awards will be posted to your MyKWU > Student Financial Planning  > Awards. 

Q:  How do I see my Student Financial Planning Awards?

A:   Go to Log onto your MyKWU as detailed above. Instead of going to Student Financial Planning Document Tracking….click on Financial Assistance Awards. The awards will be listed there. Follow the blue hypertext links to learn about each award program. Accept or Decline your Awards. Be careful to “complete this process.” Click on “Accept”, then “Next”, then “Submit”, then “Continue.”

Step 4:  Estimated Remaining Balance?

Q:   Will my financial aid pay all of my charges?

A:    For most online students it does. For some students, there may even more. But not for everyone. Everyone's situation is unique. 

Compare your estimated charges against your financial aid awards. 

  • If your financial aid exceeds your charges, you may receive a refund OR you may reduce your loan to save money.

  • If your financial aid equals your charges, you will have NO out of pocket expense. 

  • If your charges are greater than your financial aid awards, you will have a Remaining  Balance. 

If you have a Remaining Balance, a form will have been posted to your MyKWU>Student Financial Planning>Document Tracking called “Online Payment Selection Form”, or you can download the form here <link to Payment Selection Form->.  It will explain the payment options available from KWU. for Online Courses.   

Complete and submit the "Online Payment Selection Form" to the Student Financial Planning Office at or fax to 785-404-1485.

You may have other ideas in mind.

Contact Student Financial Planning if you have questions or want to discuss further.