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Don’t know what you want to major in?  You are not alone!  Many high school and early college students are not sure what their future holds.  Thankfully, college is a place where you can explore some of the possibilities, and KWU has designed a program to help you do that.

How it works:

  • A student can explore courses for a potential major while still meeting university requirements.  This allows you to test-drive several majors, and when you are ready to choose, you hit the ground running with a major and/or minor already begun, and graduate on time.
  • Trained advisors who value and encourage active exploration of the curriculum work with each student to help them make wise choices.
  • Open-option students go through career development assistance by completing critical tasks and activities during the first two years of college to help figure out what he/she is best suited to.

Who can participate?

At some time or another, nearly every college student explores various academic avenues.  More than half of all college students change their majors before graduation.  Since it’s so common for college students to explore, we designed a program where you keep your options open and where exploring is encouraged and supported.  You start broad, and narrow as you develop your interests, rather than having to start specific and then change when you discover it wasn’t what you thought it was.

Advisors assist participants as they try various classes and areas of study on for size.  It’s a great way to get to try things out without being punished for being unsure!  So who participates?  Anyone who’s got a passion for more than one thing and isn’t quite ready to decide, or someone who is unsure of what life’s plan is, who is searching for the best way to find their dreams.


  • You choose (later).
  • We probably start with a short list and then narrow from there


You decide. You don’t need to know now – we’ll give you some guidance and help you discover what some of your options might be, based on your skills and interests.


Students in the Open Option Program get early access to the Career Services office, taking interest and learning style inventories and being mentored both in academics and in career preparation.