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Pioneer Society Members for 2014-15

The following are recognized as Pioneer Society members for 2014—15

 Thank you for your kind and continued support of Kansas Wesleyan University and its students.



Advancing the Vision/Sacred Heart Jr/Sr High School

Roy and Donice Applequist

Loren W. Austin

Lee ’65 and Marla ’64 Beikman

Blue Beacon International

Richard and Joyce Brown

Dr. Pete and Rosie Brungardt

Bruce Culley

William H. Graves Family Foundation

The Honorable William P. ’76 and Linda Graves

Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Greater Salina Community Foundation

Leon and Judy Hannebaum

John and Mary H. Hart Foundation

Barbara A. Hauptli

Tom and Maggie Hemmer

Verla Nesbitt Joscelyn Foundation

J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation

Dale C. Olson

R.K. and Florence Richey Fund

Salina Regional Health Center Foundation

Randy ’66 and Mary Ann St. Clair

Lester T. Sunderland Foundation

Sunflower Bank

J.K. and Donna Vanier



Rev. Harold Cooper ’59

Edward Doherty ’47

Rev. Robert ’51 and Delores Eades

Ken and Karen Ebert

Dr. David ’64 and Patricia Fancher

Kansas Area United Methodist Fund

Kent ’72 and Pat Lambert

Jens and Heidi Lindemann

Steven and Pamela Michel

Mark Miller and Julie Sager Miller

Miller Family Charitable Trust

Frank ’54 and Jeanne Norton

Jerry ’59 and Margaret ’61 Norton

Chester Ross ’52

Darwin L. & Delma M. Sampson Scholarship Fund

C. & R. Schauf Foundation

The Reverend Dr. Marshall and Janice Stanton

John Vanier



Advantage Trust Company

Ellene ’66 and Richard Austin

AVP Camps

BCBS of Kansas Foundation

Mike and Debra Berkley

Kim and Conee Brown

Senator Robert and Elizabeth Dole

Eagle Technologies, Inc.

First Bank Kansas

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, UMC

Eric ’64 and Mollie ’63 Haberer

K·Coe Isom

Sarah Anne ’61 and James Lindblad

Larry and Barbara Marshall

Cheryl ’68 and Donald Monaghan

David Michael Mortimer ’67

Robert ’71 and Patricia ’69 Murray

James and Emily May Richards

Joy ’58 and Leo Schell

Dr. Byron and Paula Tomlins

UMB Bank N.A.

Gordon ’62 and Barbara ’74 Walle



John ’70 and Mary Baker

Dr. Mark and Dr. Trish Bandré

Jeffrey '71 and Martha Bieber

Clark, Mize & Linville, Chartered

Phil Coleman ’68

Crown Distributors, LLC/Mark Ritter

Jaclyn Douglass ’79

Dr. Glen ’50 and Pauline ’49 Eaton

Dianne Fahring ‘74

Focus on the Future Foundation

Gordon ’67 and Joyce ’67 Gorton

Dr. Charles and Pat Grimwood

Tadaaki Hakoda

Dr. Gary Harbin

John ’73 and Beth ’73 Hartshorn

Heart of America Sports Camps

Marlene Lee ’61

Dr. Donna McKinley ’66

Merck Partnership for Giving

James ’77 and Charlotte Nelson

Brady and Jane ’80 Philbrick

Ritter Tile Shop, Inc.

Salina Charities League

Richard ’69 and Sarah ’70 Short

Dr. Roy and Grace Smith

Anne Stauffer

Dr. Matthew and Jennifer Thompson

United Methodist Higher Education Foundation

James Welch ’72

Mark Zimmerman and Dr. Carolyn Hofer-Zimmerman

Zimmerman Family Foundation



Warren ’56 and Dr. Ginny ’56 Bevan

Dale ’59 and Susan Bradley

Dr. Robert ’66 and Patricia Bruchman

Phyllis Deckert

Dr. Dean Ellison ’80 and Mary McElligot

Lloyd Holbrook ’59

Rev. Jon Jones ’63

KWU Alumni Association

Dr. David ’79 and Susan Laha

Jack and Donna Lennon

A. Wayne Lowen and Brigid Jensen

Ronald ’66 and Gail Magathan

Rev. Paul Mugler ’53 & ’56

Barbara Marshall Nickell

Byron ’72 and Sandy ’73 Norris

V. Corrine Poxson

Charles and Betty Rudasill

James and Diane Wilson



James and Betsy Alexander

Anderson Family Foundation

Bank VI

Bennett Autoplex Inc.

John Betterson ’69

Gene Bicknell

Philip ’71 and Linda Bowman

The Honorable Dan ’62 and Dorothy ’61 Boyer

David Branda ’76

J. Michael Brierton

Gerald ’63 and Carlene Childs

Consolidated Printing Company

Rebecca Copley and Don Johnson

Andrew ’64 and Linda Deckert

Disabled American Veterans

Kenneth ’63 and Janet ’64 DuBois

Tom and Lou Ann Dunn

Dr. Keelyn ’80 and Rebecca Ericson

Betty Garrison

Robert ’69 and Micaela Gibson

Rev. Duane Harms

Phil Hemmer

Hielan Restaurant Group, LP

Delma Hitchcock ’57

Chris ’91 and Amy Hoffman

Larry ’57 and Barbara Houdek

Dr. Wes ’58 and Joan Jackson

Jim ’79 and Kay ’55 Jarvis

Dr. Karen ’68 and Gerald Johnson

Jerry Jones and Dr. Kathleen Barrett-Jones

James Joyce ’50

William ’44 and Betty Keeler

William ’70 & ’92 and Glenda Keller

Marilyn ’68 and James Kirk

William Knox

David and Luci Larson

Dr. James ’79 and Tamra Larzalere

C. Robert Lindsley ’57 and Darlene ’55 Harris-Lindsley

Dr. Jerry ’65 and Carolyn ’65 Lundgrin

Rev. Loren ’56 and Donna Marler

Leon and Joyce Marrs

Rev. Bruce Marshall ’60 and Janice Rundle Marshall ‘61

Dr. Gordon and Evelyn Maxwell

Frank McBride

Robert ’73 and Karen Meyer

David and Patricia Mills

Bryan and Peggy Minnich

Rev. Harold ’49 and Evelyn ’50 Nelson

Jeffrey ’85 and Darlene ’11 Nicholson

Jeanette Otto

Kaye ’57 and Barbara Pearce

Pete and Rita Peterson

Michael and Susan Ramage

Martha Rhea

Frank Roth ’68

Kay ’64 and Max Russell

Ryan Mortuary, Inc.

Steve and Lynne Ryan

Salina Rotary Club

Dr. Robert and Tina Scott

Marlene Selden

Eugene ’60 and Glenna Sheets

Harry and Pam Smith

Larry ’78 and Joy Smith

Snack Express

Barbara Arensman-Snyder ’53 and Dale Snyder

Karl and Connie Stutterheim

Sunset Properties

Dr. Rebecca Chopp ’74 and Frederick Thibodeau

Dr. Clifford ’51 and Jo Anne Trow

TYLO Investments, LLC

UMB National Bank of America

United Methodist Thrift Shop

UNUM Matching Gifts Program

Don and Robin Vandegrift

Darrell and Lisa Victory

Rev. David and Karen Watson

Dr. Gary and Mary Weiner


Jeff ’92 and Marcia ’91 Wells

William ’62 and Judith Yeager



Matt Drinkall

Marcus and Michelle Greene

William and Annie Grevas

Mike and Paula Hermann

Dr. Steven and Anne Hoekstra

Daniel and Joyce Kelley

Lois Madsen & Christopher Curry

George and Dr. Martha Robertson

Wayne Lowan and Brigid Jensen

Monte Shadwick

Bill and Jan Shirk

Ray and Sue Tucker