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Case Study

Glenn Martin Stadium, which has served as the home of Coyote football since its construction in 1940, has become unsuitable as a college sports venue. The university has not played its home football games on Gene Bissell Field since 2005. The championship KWU soccer programs have had to practice and compete off-campus, often starting weekday soccer matches after 9 p.m. at Salina Stadium. The Sports Complex project will bring the pageantry of college football and the success of KWU soccer back to campus and will also provide a high quality competitive track to launch a more robust track and field program. With more than 70 percent of our students participating in athletics, the Sports Complex will be a key component in the competitive recruiting process, providing excellent venues for intercollegiate competition, as well as intramural sports and will become a point of pride for the Kansas Wesleyan family.

Upon completion of the project, KWU will be able to showcase one of the finest NAIA athletic facilities in the country. It will provide a welcoming venue for the university to host alumni and representatives from the Salina community on campus. It will also allow KWU to host destination events, drawing visitors from the region, and it will be utilized by high school athletes and individual citizens to encourage fitness and healthy activities.

“If you look around at the comparables, there is a benchmark set for facilities and ours is nowhere near where it should be to be competitive. The new stadium will attract new students to KWU, and will create a new source of pride for current students, alumni, and friends. We are better as individuals from our experiences at Kansas Wesleyan and part of that, for me and others, has been sports and the facilities themselves. This project is going to happen. It’s going to take everyone doing their part to make this a success.” – Bill Graves, '79, National Chair