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The Student Government Association (SGA) is the elected student government at Kansas Wesleyan University (KWU). Some of the principles of the organization, outlined in part in the Preamble of the SGA Constitution are: self-determination, self-reliance, independent thought and action, and civic leadership development. The SGA serves KWU by providing a vehicle for student advocacy through the Student Senate, which is the representative body of the SGA. Opportunities exist for interested students to become involved in the SGA by serving as Senators from the residence halls, the athletic department, APS/MBA programs, or any of the member organizations. In addition, interested students have the opportunity to serve as representatives on the various university committees, or as SGA elected officials.

The SGA also offers activity programming on campus through the Coyote Activities Board (CAB). The CAB is charged with coordinating, leading, and administering all activities that are offered by the SGA. Some of the traditional activities have included parts of Freshman Orientation, Homecoming, and the Luau. Opportunities also exist for interested students to become involved with the CAB through both the Student Senate and through volunteer service.

Faculty Advisor: Jamie Townsend, ext 2419, 

Administrative Advisor: Shelby Dickson, ext 1162, and Bridget Weiser, ext 1168, 

SGA Officers for 2014-15 are:

SGA President: Kenny Diaz

SGA Vice President: Dylan Hidalgo

SGA Treasurer: Elizabeth Nims

SGA Secretary:

SGA Speaker:

CAB President: Ryan Thies

SGA Class Presidents:

Seniors: Eric Schwerdtfager

Juniors:Abby Ludwig

Sophomores: Ian Woods

Freshmen: Victoria Ring

For more information about how to become involved with the Student Government Association contact one of the officers listed above,  or email SGA at