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Small Groups of Faith

Small group bible study is a community within a community, which allows students to connect, grow, and develop; it is a true nature of discipleship. All small groups will be posted on the KWU web page under Campus Ministries. Each small group’s representatives must attend a monthly roundtable with other small group representative leaders and the Director of Spiritual Development.

Monday will be the Campus Ministries day of faith based small groups. KWU will have faith based small groups throughout the day. Each small group must have a KWU student that represents the small groups. No small group can be discriminated by race. Groups may specify by gender, with the idea of men/women wanting to do studies that may talk about the struggles or challenges they face in the faith according to gender.

If a community member wants to start faith based small groups on campus they must fill out the faith based small group application, meet with the Director of Spiritual Development and be in agreement with KWU core values of faith.