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Looking to hire the very best? We’re here to help! 

Kansas Wesleyan University graduates enter the workforce with a degree from one of the best small private colleges in the nation. More than that, their comprehensive education has given them real-world experiences that will make productive and valuable members of your team—right from the start. Our full-service Career Center can assist with all your recruiting needs. From Internships to career opportunities, put Kansas Wesleyan University graduates to work for your business or organization.

Job Postings

If you have a job or internship opportunity you would like to post to students or upcoming KWU graduates through, please email the opportunity details to  The information needed for posting a job must include:

  • Organization: Name and Location
  • Job Title: Brief Description of the Position
  • Schedule: Number of Hours, Full Time or Part Time
  • Application Contact: Who can they send their application to or website to apply

The job posting will be sent to students through the Kansas Wesleyan University Wednesday's Opportunities for Work (KWU WOW) Newsletter.  The KWU WOW is a weekly newsletter sent every wednesday to all KWU students.  Each job posting be sent in the KWU WOW for 2 weeks, unless other arrangements are made.

On-Campus Interviews

If you are interested in coming to campus and reserving a space to interview KWU students to fill positions (internships, job opportunities, or volunteer opportunities), the Career Center can help make arrangements to set up a meeting space and time, and advertise the opportunities to potential candidates. 

We’ll promote your visit to Kansas Wesleyan University, help schedule interviews with candidates to meet your needs, and make you at home in a private interview room.  To schedule on-campus interviews contact Shelby Dickson at, or call 785-827-5541 ext. 1162.

2014 Etiquette Dinners, February 26

The KWU Career Center will coordinate dinners, in partnership with employers, to provide social development skills for students.  The Etiquette Dinner will be on February 17th, at 7:00pm.  Students will learn how to network and conduct themselves professionally and participating employers will have a chance to network and meeting future candidates.   For information to participate in the Etiquette Dinner, please contact Shelby Dickson at, or call 785-827-5541 ext. 1162.

2014 KWU Career Expo, April 8

The 2014 Kansas Wesleyan University Career Expo wil be on Tuesday, April 8 in the Kansas Wesleyan University Hauptli Student Activities Center from 10:00am to 3:00pm.  Employers may reserve an 8 foot table and space by emailing Shelby Dickson at, or call 785-827-5541 ext. 1162.