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English as a Second Language (with course descriptions)

English as a Second Language is required of international students admitted to the university with 1) a TOEFL score of less than 500 or 2) deficiencies discovered during an English proficiency evaluation at KWU. The program is offered only to fully matriculated Kansas Wesleyan students, with the understanding that they will enroll in other portions of the university curriculum upon successful completion of the level “A” class or concurrently with upper level ESL classes, in accordance with the course descriptions given below.

ESL 120 Introductory ESL Composition — 3 Credit Hours
  This course covers descriptive, narrative and expository writing as required for successful college research and writing, with a special focus on the needs of students whose first language is not English. It includes a review of English grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. The final examination is taken in conjunction with ENGL 120 sections. Prerequisite: ESL 090C or by instructor’s permission.
ESL 121 Intermediate ESL Composition -- 3 Credit Hours 
  The primary purpose of this course is to help ESL students become better writers. In the class students learn elements of logic and argumentation, style, research methods and documentation, and techniques for becoming more critical readers.  By the end of the course the students should be able to compose logical, persuasive essays, analyze the writings of others with greater insight and sensitivity, and write a consistent and well-documented research paper.  Prerequisite: ESL 120 or equivalent.