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What International Students Should Know

We welcome international students and student-athletes at Kansas Wesleyan University. Our student body has included men and women from up to 15 countries worldwide,* including the United States. For Fall 2015, we have students from eight countries in all, including the U.S.

[PHOTO: These three soccer players (footballers) arrived from England in Fall 2014 to become KWU Coyotes and met each other for the first time right here in Kansas at the start of fall 2014 semester: Joe Robb (Sheffield, Elementary Education), Luke Walters (Nottingham, Physical Education), and Harry Robinson (West London, Sports & Exercise Science), all three instrumental in helping our men's soccer team win its fifth straight regular season conference title.]

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And you are invited to contact Jessica Fuller, assistant director of Admissions and international student recruiter, at for information about:

  • Important Dates
  • Immigration & Visa Information
  • Traveling to KWU
  • International Financial Information
  • KWU ~ Fast Facts
  • What To Bring

*Countries Represented by Currently Enrolled KWU Students





Republic of China (Taiwan)


United Kingdom (England)

United States