Scholarship Opportunities

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 Below are some specific scholarships that the Student Financial Planning Office has been notified of.  Click on the name of the scholarship you are interested in applying for to view more information about the scholarship requirements and also access the application.  Applications and/or more information for all of the scholarship opportunities listed below can also be found  on the board outside the K-Dub Hub, Hall of Pioneers Room 285.

Scholarship Search Engines

Searching for other “Outside Scholarships” should be something you do throughout your college career.  Here are a few safe scholarship search engines to check out:

REMEMBER:  Always follow good safe Internet search protocols.  Research the background of the organization that runs the scholarship search website before you give them your personal information.  That personal information could be an identity thief’s rich harvest;   some “scholarship search sites” are merely lead generators.  Beware of websites that promise scholarships for a fee.   The U.S. Dept of Education Office of Federal Student Aid offers Safe Scholarship Searching Advice.