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Interdivisional Course Descriptions

The University offers the following courses which are independent of any particular department, academic division, or major program.  These classes may be taught from a variety of academic perspectives, and may be taught by faculty from any department.

INTD 105 *The Wesleyan Challenge — 3 Credit Hours
  This is a dynamic and interactive learning experience designed to engage the student in a variety of lessons and activities that promote social interaction in and out of the classroom.  Students will engage in large group and small seminar based activities.  This course provides the students with the opportunity to learn and apply skills which help insure their academic success; learn about the history and traditions of Kansas Wesleyan University; and establish important relationships between the students and KWU faculty, staff and administration.  Some of the topics included in this study are the development of critical thinking skills, time management, human communication in all its forms, and to prepare the student for college level learning.  This course is required for all first-time full-time freshmen. This course cannot be dropped except with the approval of the Provost.