KWU Sports Complex 100-Day Dash Campaign

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Donors Surpass $400,000 Matching Grant Limit; Less Than $50,000 to Raise by October 8

Following the announcement of an anonymous $400,000 matching gift on September 18, Kansas Wesleyan University has received more than $500,000 in pledges and gifts by the Oct. 1 deadline. This pushed the total raised in the two-week period to nearly $1 million with the full matching grant. Thanks go out to all who gave to make this matching grant possible. We are almost there!

Now, with one week remaining until the October 8 deadline for the Mabee Foundation challenge grant, the university is less than $50,000 away from reaching its fundraising goal of $6.75 million. At that point, the university will have met the requirement for the $750,000 challenge grant from the Mabee Foundation, the final 10 percent of the $7.5 million goal for the Sports Complex project.

Phase I of the project is fully funded and includes two lighted turf fields, an eight-lane competitive track and resurfaced tennis courts. When the campaign reaches its $7.5 million goal, construction of the Sports Complex projects in Phase II—the grandstand, press box, concession stands and restroom facilities—may begin.

There is still time to help us reach the finish line, and bring this campaign and our Coyote athletic teams home! Please make a gift today.

A Message from Five KWU Student Athletes --Kenny Diaz, football | Lauren Randall, women’s soccer | Anthony Gallegos, men’s soccer | Jason Berry, men’s cross country-track&field  | Rebekah Hallman, women’s cross country-track& field

Five KWU student athletes are excited about our teams being able to practice and compete on campus. They recorded this PSA when the remaining amount to raise was $125,000. Now that there is less than $50,000 to raise, their message still carries their enthusiasm for having real home field (and track) advantage.


A message from former Kansas Governor, Bill Graves '76

Bring it Home

Click the play button above to watch our great video featuring legendary coach, Gene Bissell.

It's the last quarter. The home stretch. The final period. It's time to bring the KWU Sports Complex campaign and our Coyote athletic teams home!

There is so much momentum as we are now in the construction phase of our Sports Complex project! After months of earthwork, the lights are now up, the drainage system installation and concrete work is well underway. Things are changing every day, and a drive past the project will get you as excited as we are. We look forward to our two brand new lighted fields--a playing field and a practice field for football and soccer--along with the 8-lane running track and resurfaced tennis courts. This will transform the east side of the Kansas Wesleyan campus! But we aren't quite to the finish line. We are so close. The Mabee Foundation will provide a challenge grant for $750K to finish the project if we hit $6.75M by October 8. Right now, with just 7 days remaining in our 100 Day Dash and less than $50,000 left to go, the end is in sight! If we hit this goal, we can complete the project with a fan-friendly grandstand, concessions area, restrooms, press box and other amenities.

Now is the time to help bring this campaign and our Coyote athletic teams home. Every gift counts!

Photos of the construction

Visit the Sports Complex website to see photos of our construction progress and to learn more about the project

Thank you to the following who have made gifts to the Sports Complex Project!

Advantage Trust Company
Denis F. & Lois Adams
Michael & Sarah Ahlstedt
Charles Allen
Gilbert & Nancy Altnman
Marcia & Bob Anderson
Lucerne Anton
Roy & Donice Applequist
Tom & Beth Arpke
Arrow Printing
Fred & Sabrina Aubuchon
Pat & Tim Ault-Duell
William & Lois Austin
John W. & Mary Baker
Mark & Trish Bandre
Earl Bane Foundation
Bank of Tescott
Chris & Julie Banninger
Janet Barnes
Jennifer & Jeffery Barrett
Ron & Linda Baumberger
Leroy & Marla Beikman
Frank "Chip" & Rita Bernabei
Dennis & Pam Berndt
John William Betterson
Virginia & Warren Bevan
David & Becky Birdsong
Gene & Evelyn Bissell
Aaron & Jane Blair
Steven & Jane Blair
Richard & Leah Blanchard
Blue Beacon International
Dan & Deanna Boccia
Pat & Linda Bolen
Dan & Dorothy Boyer
Dale & Susanne Bradley
David Branda
Kathy & Dane Brinker
Larry & Melanie Britegam
Matthew Broeckelman
Martin & Wanda Brotherton
Elvin & Deloris Brotton
Daron Brown
Richard & Joyce Brown
Dale Browning
John & Susan Burchill
Benjamin & Jolene Burgess
Champion Seminars
Jeffrey Chapman
Ron & Karen Cherry
Gerald E. Childs
Judith A. Christensen
Cdr. & Mrs. Rafael Cintron
Citizens State Bank
Citywide Storage
Clark, Mize & Linville
Phillip Coleman
Consolidated Printing Company
Daniel Corutky
Debora Cox
John & Ruth Courter
John Eugene Cox
Crown Distributors 
Chuck & Barbara Culley
Carroll & Jean Cyr
David & Kelly Dallas
Sandra Daugherty
Lindsey J. Decker
Mary & Darvin Dent
Robert & Connie Dewitt
Michael & Trina Dibbini
James Dick
Edward Doherty
Robert J. & Elizabeth Dole
Ledona Dowell
Janet & Kenneth DuBois
Bill Dwyer
Anne & John Dykes
Eagle Software
Ken & Karen Ebert
Jay & Elaine Edwards
Dean Kenneth Ellison & Mary Ann McElligot
John Elmore
Dale & Clarice Emig
Malik Epps
Steve & Carla Eshleman
Dianne Fahring
David & Patricia Fancher
Michael & Tina Fardella
Thomas & Marilyn Fee
Vincent Fillipp
First Bank Kansas
Patti Fisher
Raymond Fox
Harold & Sharon Frazell
David Frederick
Sharon & Harold Gawith
John & Jill Giele
Jean & Ronald Gillam
Mark & Marilyn Gillette
Joann Goldstein
Greg & Barb Goode
Gordon & Joyce Gorton
William H. Graves Family Foundation
William P. & Linda Graves
Bill & Annie Grevas
Greater Salina Community Foundation
Warren Joe & Laura Green
Charles & Pat Grimwood
Dean & Betty Groves
Eric & Mollie Haberer
Nathan & Angela Haberichter
Nadim F. Haddad
James & Margy Hall, III
Lori Hall
Robert Hamm
Frank Hampton
Virginia Hanchett
John & Sharon Hanson
Ken & Debra Hanson
Stacie & Jerry Harder
Gary Harmon
Darlene Harris-Lindsley
Sheryl Harrison
John & Beth Hartshorn
Charles Haselwood
Carmen & Fred Hawkins
Heart of America Sports Camps (Robert Murray)
Kim Heckathorne
Jared & Alison Hiatt
Hedlund Electric, Inc.
Andrew Heidrick
Tom & Marggie Hemmer
Myers Hendrickson
Lois Henry
Michael & Paula Hermann
Sean & Kim Herrington
RaShelle Hindman
Jacqueline Hitchcock
Steven & Anne Hoekstra
Daryl & Kim Hoelting
Anita & Edward Hoffhines
Chris & Amy Hoffman
Catherie Holland
Michael & Polly Hoppock
Larry & Barbara Houdek
Matt & Heather Ingrapham
Wesley & Joan Jackson
James & Kay Jarvis
Brad & Christine Jenkins
Tammy Jennings
Kevin & Jane Johnson
Nancy E. Johnson
Dale & Elaine Jones
Jerry Jones & Kathleen Barrett-Jones
Larry & Maxine Kaiser
Kansas Gas Service
William & Betty Keeler
Kennedy & Coe, LLC
Doris King
Janice & Jerry Kolzow
KWU Alumni Association
David & Susan Laha
Jeff & LaDena Laha
Sophie & Jeff Lamb
D. Kent & Pat Lambert
Stephen Lambert
Vaughn & Jane Lambert
Fletcher & Cindy Lamkin
Land Title Services 
Fritz & Judy Larson
M. Luci & David Larson
Dennis & Rhonda Lauver
Kenneth & Jeffrey Lee
Marlene Lee
Leech Products, Inc.
Richard Lehmann
Gerald Lilly
Sarah Anne & James Lindblad
Michael & Ellen Lindsay
Robert Lindsley
Carol Linnens
Bob & Rachel Loersch
Ty Lohman
Jim & Marcia LoVullo
A. Wayne Lowen
Karen Lucas
Dennis Lull
James Lunsway
Michael & Jerilyn Malone
Loren & Donna Marler
Marshall Family Foundation Inc.
Larry & Barbara Marshall
Jessica Martin
Charles & Cathy Mason
Charlene J. Mathis
William Matthew
Gordon & Evelyn Maxwell
Roger & Janice McCaulley
James & Karen McClain
McCune Foundation
Scott Taylor McFarland, Jr.
Donna McKinley
Bryan & Dee Meall
Meall Income Tax
Janice Meckley
Dustin & Kristin Menzies
Donald Ray Merriman
Zoann Merryfield
Lorraine & Arthur Meyer
John Michaletti
Steven & Pamela Michel
Mildred & Rolland Middlekauff Foundation
Miller Family Charitable Trust
Darlene Miller
George & Magaret Miller
Mark L. Miller & Julie Sager-Miller 
William Miller
David & Patricia Mills
Milton I. & Frances L. Stiefel Foundation
Bryan & Peggy Minnich
Laura Mitchell
Morgan Stanley
Joe Morrissey
David Michael Mortimer
Lawrence Moxter
Keith & Colleen Mueller
Kenny & Wilma Mulch
Patricia & Robert Murray
Harold & Evelyn Nelson
James & Charlotte Nelson
Sara Nettleingham
Byron & Sandy Norris
Rita & Chuck Northup
Norton Wasserman Jones & Kelly
Frank & Jeanne Norton, Sr.
Jerry & Margaret Norton
Charles & Patricia Novak
John Nuspl
Phillip & Paulette Oinonen
Brian & Mindy Olberding
Dale Olson
Weston Opitz
Jeremiah Ostmeyer
David & Ann Payne
Kaye Pearce
Claudia Peebler
Pete & Rita Peterson
Katie Pierce
Pepsi Cola of Salina
Thomas & Jennifer Perrin
David & DuAnn Peterson
Denis & Lois Peterson
Jane & Brady Philbrick
Kathryn Ann Pierce
Bruce & Rita Pinkall
Karen Pinkall
Robert Pinkall
John Phillip & Mary Quinley
Kay Quinn
Steve & Susan Raney
Joyce & Dick Ratcliff
Stanley & Kathleen Razak
Realty Associates
John & Jennifer Redding
Max & Linda Redding
Blake & Jen Reynolds
Bob Reynolds
Martha Rhea
Steven & Debra Rivers
Charles & Helen Robb
Kathleen Roberts
Chester & Ruth Ross
Garry Rowson
William & Virginia Rowson
Martin & Cynthia Ruegsegger
Ryan Mortuary Inc.
Steve& Lynne Ryan
Sacred Heart Jr.-Sr. High School
Salina Charities League
Salina Iron & Metal Co.
Salina Sports Medicine and Orthopedics
Salina Supply Company
Joy A. & Leo Schell
Vida Schell
Adam Schneck
Wayne Schneider
Elliott Schrader
Steve & Jewelda Scofield
Marlene & Charles Selden
Monte Shadwick
Mary & Phil Shaffer
Jack & Anita Sheahon
Jan & William Shirk
Richard & Sarah Short
Kurtis Siemers
Jack Sills
Edwin Simmelink
Dan & Barbara Smith
Ike & Mary Smicklo
Harry & Pam Smith
Ronald & Marcia Smith
George Smolich
David & Kay Soderberg
Morrie & Sydney Soderberg
E. Bruce & Judith Sorrell
Wayne & Betty Spohn
Randall and Mary Ann St. Clair
Marshall & Janice Stanton
Anne Stauffer
Ted Stein, Jr.
Steward Social Committee
Karl & Connie Stutterheim
Gilbert & Evelyn Suarez
Lester T. Sunderland Foundation
Sunflower Bank
Karissa Swenson
Shari Szabo
Joanne Tankel
Thomas & Betty Taylor
Matthew R. & Jennifer Thompson
Gerald & Winona Toburen
Leslie & Marilyn Toburen, Jr.
David & Jennifer Toelle
Glenn & Dianne Tombaugh
Byron & Paula Tomlins
UMB Bank N.A.
Gregory & Norman Unruh
Jim & Clara Jane Valcoure
Don & Robin Vandegrift
Verla Nesbitt Joscelyn Foundation
Benjamin Vidricksen
Lyle & Ann Walter
Fred & Adeline Warns
David & Karen Watson
Jane Rudge Wegner
James & Deanna Weidman
Barry & Lisa Weis
Raymond Wilbur
Eileen Willer
Jacqueline Williamson
James & Diane Wilson
James & Shirley Wilson
Steven Wilson
Jim Wittman
Zimmerman Family Foundation, Inc.
Mark Zimmerman & Carolyn Hofer-Zimmerman
Diana Zwahlen