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Language Course Descriptions

JAPN 101 Elementary Japanese — 4 Credit Hours
  This is a beginning Japanese class.  The class will cover material up to lesson 11 in Volume 1 of the Japanese course series.  Students will learn simple conversational skills in Japanese as well as develop basic reading and writing ability with hiragana and katakana characters.
SPAN 101* Elementary Spanish I — 4 Credit Hours
  This course includes an emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, and oral practice with a focus to developing basic conversational skills.  Basic reading skills are also begun.  Includes laboratory.
SPAN 102* Elementary Spanish II — 4 Credit Hours
  This course is a continuation of SPAN 101 with increased emphasis on the development of basic conversational skills through grammar, vocabulary, and oral practice.  Basic reading skills are also continued. Prerequisite: SPAN 101 or the equivalent.  Includes laboratory.
SPAN 201* Intermediate Spanish I — 3 Credit Hours
  This course begins with a minor review of Elementary Spanish and continues with intermediate difficulty Spanish grammar and vocabulary forms. The emphasis continues to be on the use of these forms in conversation, with a focus toward more complicated situations and spoken exchanges.  Reading and writing in Spanish (paragraph-length) is also included.  Prerequisite: SPAN 102.
SPAN 202* Intermediate Spanish II — 3 Credit Hours
  This course is a continuation of SPAN201 with the same emphasis on intermediate difficulty grammar, composition, and situational conversation practice.  Prerequisite:  SPAN 201.  Note:  SPAN202 may be taken in the form of a similar second year, second semester composition course if done as part of a study abroad experience, with approval of the advisor and/or the Department of Languages (see Study Abroad above).
SPAN 286 Special Topics — Variable Credit
  Intensive study of special topics and selected material to include major-specific conversation (for example, Conversational Spanish for Health Care Professionals, Conversational Spanish for Criminal Justice Professionals, or Conversational Spanish for Business), region-specific culture (Culture and Civilization of Spain or Culture and Civilization of Latin America), or other subjects within the field of Spanish language studies.  This course may be taken only after or concurrent with SPAN201, or with consent of instructor.  Under different sub-titles, the course may be repeated for additional credit.