Smoky Hills Marching Band Festival

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The Smoky Hills Marching Band Festival - Kansas’s ONLY Festival for Small Marching Bands

Kansas Wesleyan is proud to announce its first-ever Smoky Hills Marching Band Festival, a festival experience designed exclusively for small marching bands. The inaugural festival will take place in the afternoon of Saturday, October 1st, 2016 at the brand-new Graves Family Sports Complex on the beautiful campus of Kansas Wesleyan University. Utilizing a festival format, the Smoky Hills Marching Band Festival has been designed to provide an educational experience that gives small marching programs in the region the tools they need to continue to develop and succeed.

Features of the event include:

  • Open to all schools within the 1A, 2A, 3A or 4A categories
  • Judges selected for their experience working with small marching bands
  • An exhibition performance by the KWU Coyote Marching Band - Kansas's only collegiate small marching band
  • All bands will receive written and recorded comments and can compete for ratings and special awards. Bands may elect to receive comments only.

Bands will be judged and receive a rating of I-Superior, II-Excellent, III-Good, IV-Fair on the following categories:

Music (Tone Quality, Intonation, Accuracy, Musicality, Ensemble Balance)

Musical Effect (Interpretation, Variety, Emotion

Marching (Technique, Accuracy)

Visual Effect (Creativity/Imagination, Appropriateness of Movement/Form, Staging, Use of Guard and Auxiliaries)

About the Field

We are excited to host the Smoky Hills Marching Band Festival in Kansas Wesleyan's Brand-new Graves Family Sports Complex. Our Gene Bissell field features state-of-the-art one-year old artificial turf. The field utilizes NCAA field markings. Hash markings are '4 steps' further inward than the traditional high school hash markings. To learn more about the field and to see pictures, click here.


The fee for participation is: $150. Admission to watch the event is free. Please make checks out to Kansas Wesleyan Music.

Applications and payment must be received by Friday, September 9, 2016

Pit Instruments/Electronics

Schools must bring all instruments being used in the pit section. Outlets are available if electronic instruments/amps are being used, but schools are responsible for bringing necessary extension cords.



Please contact Sarah Bernard-Stevens at or 785-833-4373