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Kansas Wesleyan University is all about the people who have been a part of its history for 130 years. We want you to share your favorite memory—a professor who inspired you, a wish that you made at the wishing well, a Bethany rivalry week tale, an engagement story, a funny prank you pulled on your roommate—that will help others recall their experiences we all commemorate our 130th.

Simply click on the button below and share your story. You can even add photos! Check back for new postings each week. You will be asked to share an email address with the KWU marketing team (it will not show up on your published entry) so that we may contact you if we need to clarify any information. We will publish all appropriate material within 24 hours of receiving your entry. Thank you sharing your stories with us!

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Class Year:  2005
My Story: 

I remember anticipating spring when going to school at Kansas Wesleyan! It would mean the end of the school year was drawing near. I loved it when the lilacs bloomed! Being selected as Miss. Wesleyan really made that particular spring special! I remember feeling so incredibly honored to be chosen! It is still hard to believe that the student body chose me. My then boyfriend and now husband, along with a group of our closest friends, attended the banquet and dinner. Bridget Weiser and others had done an outstanding job of making it so special with pretty decorations and great food! We had a great time! I have so many wonderful memories of attending Kansas Wesleyan, but this one stands out to me as one of the absolute best.

-Abigail Elkins Miss Wesleyan 2005

Class Year:  1983
My Story: 

It was an honor to share Miss Wesleyan with Jenni Burhnam-Newell in 1982.  My life has changed a lot since Wesleyan but I am forever grateful for the Christian based education and great people I met while there. The lilacs were a beautiful backdrop for such a fun day and evening.  I wish I could have attended the reunion.

-Ann Hoyle-Jardine

Class Year:  1961
My Story: 

For Lilac Fete in 1961, boys in the graduating class drove all night to known spots in neighboring states where lilacs bloomed before they did in Kansas. The lilacs, wrapped in wet paper to keep them fresh, were laid out in long lines on tables high up in a little room at the top of Pioneer Hall. Senior girls took shifts working on the line, tying bunches together so they could be carried down the aisle in the auditorium on the night of the Fete. The lilacs were a beautiful, continuous line held by many girls processing down both aisles, walking slowly toward the stage to ceremonial music. It was a beautiful sight and a night of excitement and pride.

-Sarah Anne (Toburen) Lindblad