Orchestra and Wind Ensemble Set to Perform Thursday

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Salina, KS --The Kansas Wesleyan Orchestra and Wind Ensemble have collaborated for the first time this year in “Portraits from Distant Lands”. The performance will be on Thursday, October 11, in Sams Chapel.

This concert will feature the music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Samuel R. Hazo, The California Guitar Trio, Jim Colonna, and more. The KWU Orchestra is directed by Ken Hakoda and the KWU Wind Ensemble is directed by Sarah Bernard-Stevens.

Members of the KWU Orchestra include: Kathy House, Michelle Hudson, Rachel Holzmeister, Alyssa Lane, Jessika Wolz, Sarah Draget, Tonya Powers, Amber Richardson, Bram Stiger, Doug Beyer, Maddy Christner, Melanie Mann, Kathryn Boyle, Erica Pinkston, Gus Applequist, Rumi Mamenari,  and James Winston.

Members of the KWU Wind Ensemble include: Mackenzie Augustin, Destinee Cleveland, Julia Morgenstern, Lindsay Modin, Shelby Westfahl, Rachel Holzmeister, Kally Johns, Christina Quanthamer, Keighley Miller, Judy Weber, Wendy Stein, Donald R. Haines, Debbie Metzger, Amber Benning, Chiton Brinson, Kendal Barlow, Eric Schwardtfager, Darren Woodson, Scott Bley, Amanda Wilson, Hannah Antholz, Landon Livingston, Kristin Vaughn, and Tyler Jones.

The concert is at 7:30pm and refreshments will be served following the show. The event is free and open to the public.