Welter to Speak for Audubon Society

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Stephanie Welter

Stephanie Welter , an assistant professor in the biology department at Kansas Wesleyan University, will speak about "To Eat or Be Eaten -- Life in a Dangerous World" at the Feb. 21 meeting of the Smoky Hills Audubon Society.

Social time is 7 p.m. and the program will begin at 7:30 p.m. in Room 202 of the Student Activities Center at Kansas Wesleyan University.

Welter will explore how wildlife avoid detection and death through camouflage, mimicry and chemical defenses.

Welter received her doctorate in evolution, ecology and behavior from Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., and graduated from Denison University in Ohio. She traveled to western Australia to observe the native people and wildlife and to Costa Rica to study the ecology of tropical organisms.

She has taught at Coastal Carolina University, Morehead State University in Morehead, Ky., and Mountain Lake Biological Station in Pembroke, Va. She joined the Kansas Wesleyan faculty in August 2011.