"Portrait of the Passion"

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Painting by Todd Dayton Fox


Born in Phillipsburg, Kansas, Todd Dayton Fox will be displaying his works in the Kansas Wesleyan Gallery starting Tuesday, August 20. “I am very excited to be a part of this exhibit and work with Todd,” said Megan Berry, Gallery Director. “I think this kind of work will be a perfect show at Kansas Wesleyan.” 

Fox is skilled in design, drawing, cartooning, and 3D modeling and lighting, but he works predominantly in the medium of painting.  The majority of Fox’s artwork has a surrealistic feel. “Although I enjoy painting realistic architecture, I really love to go deeper and create a work of art that tells a story, unlike any way anyone has ever experience before,” said Fox. 

Fox usually paint for about a month. “I don’t like to rush my work or even push myself to paint if the inspiration doesn’t happen to be present while I paint,” said Fox. “My purpose of painting is to find a relationship between myself, the viewer, and my work so if I’m not feeling inspired, then I patiently wait until I am.”

Recently, Fox brought “Portrait of the Passion” collection to Kansas where he has began to introduce his work to fellow Kansans. Last March, Fox was a featured artist at the Shafer Memorial Art Gallery at Barton Community College in Great Bend. Some of Fox’s greatest art influences include his father Austin Fox, David Gilmour, Salvador Dali, and Gary Larson. 

“The emotions I experienced during my father’s death were what I needed in order to create an honest and pure emotion within my work that everyone would relate to in one way or another through their own experiences,” said Fox. 

The Gallery is open to all ages and audiences. At each Gallery Talk an informal discussion with the artist about their works is held. Guests are encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch if desired; however, snacks and drinks will be provided. Work will be displayed in the lobby until Sunday, September 29. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. or by appointment on the weekends. For more information, contact Megan Berry at 785-827-5541 ext 5124 or megan.berry@kwu.edu.