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Attention to All Members of KWU


To update you on the previous message sent out this morning: After further inquiries and conversations with Bethany and McPherson colleges, it has been determined that the group World Society Church of God is, in fact, a church located in Wichita. The church, however, is not linked to any suspected sex trafficking operations. Our friends at Bethany tell us they have talked with church leadership and determined that their members are not a threat or danger, but they are persistent.

All students, faculty, and staff, take note!

In the last few days on the campuses of Bethany and McPherson colleges, a group of people falsely claiming to be recruiting for their “church” are actually believed to be tied to a group called “Mother Our God,” which has been linked to sex trafficking across the United States. 

While there have been no reports of this group on the Kansas Wesleyan campus or in the Salina area, and individuals from the group have attempted to invite students to a nearby vehicle to receive Holy Communion and meet with their deacon.

DO NOT AGREE TO FOLLOW ANY STRANGER ON CAMPUS TO THEIR VEHICLE. No legitimate church in Salina or the surrounding areas would conduct themselves in such a manner.

As we ask all members of the Kansas Wesleyan family to be vigilant, please keep in mind:

  • Again, do not agree to follow any stranger on campus to their vehicle.
  • Do not allow strangers into residence halls.
  • Residence hall doors are locked 24/7. Please do not prop doors open.
  • If you see someone who does not belong in a residence hall, contact your RA immediately, or call Campus Security at 785-829-6017.
  • Travel around campus in small groups whenever possible. At a minimum, let a friend know where you are going, even if it is only to class – especially at night.
  • If you feel like there is an immediate danger, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1.

Thank you, and please do what is necessary to keep you and your fellow students, staff, and faculty safe!