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Are you interested in attending law school?

The best preparation for legal training, according to the American Bar Association, is "taking a broad range of difficult courses from demanding instructors." Many law schools today prefer that their incoming students not major in Pre-Law. In fact, the American Bar Association website lists history as one of the majors which are traditionally chosen by students who wish to enter law school. A history major requires students to evaluate written material, organize information, do research, draw conclusions, and develop excellent communication skills. All of these are useful preparation for law school and appear on the American Bar Association's list of core skills and values. Students who are considering the law as a career should chose a major which interests them and in which they will earn good grades, realizing that law schools accept candidates from a wide variety of disciplines. The KWU Department of History prides itself on challenging students and would be an excellent choice for those considering a legal career.

For further information about majoring in history prior to attending law school please contact Dr. Anita Specht, Department of History, "Pre-Law" Advisor at 833-4357 or stop by Pioneer Hall 374.