B.A. with a History Major

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History Major Requirements -- 42 Credit Hours

In addition to all course requirements in the Liberal Studies Program the student must complete all of the following:

HIST 105 World Civilizations I – 3 credit hours

HIST 106 World Civilizations II – 3 credit hours

HIST 220 American History I – 3 credit hours

HIST 221 American History II – 3 credit hours

HIST 280 Research Methods in History – 3 credit hours

HIST 460 Internship – 1 Credit Hour

HIST 499 Senior Thesis – 3 credit hours

History electives – 15 credit hours of 300 or 400 level History courses

Foreign Language – 2 semesters (8 credits minimum) of a foreign language

The following non-history courses can be substituted as History electives:

POLI 320 Political History – 3 credit hours

REPH 306 Survey of Church History – 3 credit hours

PSYC 410 History of Psychology – 3 credit hours

MATH 300 History of Math – 3 credit hours

(Note: POLI310 U.S. Constitution and Government does not count as a History elective)

Students require a minimum of 126 semester credits to graduate with a Bachleor's Degree from KWU. This may necessitate further coursework beyond that specified above (such as a minor in another subject or additional history courses above the minimum required for the major).