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Minor in Political Science

Minor in Political Science - 18 Credit Hours

The Political Science Minor provides a dynamic course of study that can enhance student preparation for employment in fields of law and law enforcement, business, sociology, and public service. This minor explores the relationship between politics in theory and politics in action. Students have the opportunity (not required) to practice what is learned through participation in a variety of campus activities, committees, and organizations. This minor is offered as a cooperative learning experience from the Division of Behavioral Science and Human Services and the History Department.

The student must complete all of the following:

Required Courses – 6 hours

POLI100 Introduction to Political Science – 3 credit hours

POLI310 U.S. Constitution and Government – 3 credit hours

Electives – 12 hours (choose from the following)

HIST105 World Civilization I – 3 credit hours

    or HIST106 World Civilization II – 3 credit hours

POLI200 Public Policy – 3 credit hours

POLI320 Political History – 3 credit hours

REPH320 American Philosophical Heritage – 3 credit hours

    or REPH102 World Religions – 3 credit hours

SOCI200 Global Demography – 3 credit hours

SOCI400A Studies in World Criminal Justice: Terrorism – 3 credit hours

    or SOCI400B Studies in World Criminal Justice: Comparative Justice Systems – 3 credit hours