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After successfully completing clinical practice and all University and teacher education requirements, the candidate must be verified for licensure by the Teacher Education Committee. Applicants for Kansas license in addition to completing all course requirements also must meet the minimum requirements of the Principles of Teaching and Learning Test (PLT) and the required content test. Applications for the tests are located online at and license applications may be found at For more specific information regarding PLT tests, including access to the test overview, use the following links:

PLT Early Childhood:

PLT K-6:

PLT 5-9:

PLT 7-12:

If you have additional questions on licensure, you can contact the KWU Licensure Officer, Dr. Kristine Rodriguez, Director of Teacher Education.

Licensure Test Pass Rate
2014-15            2013-14           2012-13          2011-12
100%               90.9%            96.6%             100%
Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Pass Rate
2014-15           2013-14          2012-13          2011-12
100%               100%                100%             100%
Average GPA
2014-15           2013-14          2012-13          2011-12
3.63                 3.37              3.47                3.35