Cash, Check or Credit Card

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Basic forms of giving:

Cash is the simplest and most common way to support KWU. Donors may make their gifts by writing a check or by making a pledge payable in cash.

Checks should be made payable to Kansas Wesleyan University or KWU with any designation of purpose noted on the check or indicated by an accompanying gift form or cover letter.

Cash gifts are tax-deductible for all taxpayers who itemize deductions. The charitable deduction comes off the top of your income — the part in the highest tax bracket.

Credit Cards - We do accept Visa and Mastercard, but keep in mind that all credit card transactions cost the university 3.5% for processing.  On the Give Now page is a chart to assist you with your gift calculation and fees for KWU.

EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer - For an electronic funds transfer the following information is required: 
Your account number, Your banks routing number, The amount of the gift, The frequency of the gift, The intention of your gift.

You are entitled to a deduction for the entire amount of the gift as long as all your deductible gifts in the year do not exceed 50% of your adjusted gross income. If you cannot use the entire deduction in one year, you may carry it forward for up to five years.  (Please consult your tax advisor)

To donate to KWU today, click on GIVE NOW or contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 785-827-5541:  Sara Nettleingham (ext. 1131) | Andy Fadenholz (ext. 1123) | Bill Grevas (ext. 1121)

Kansas Wesleyan University and the Kansas Wesleyan University Foundation are both 501 (C) (3) organizations.