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Wondering how you are going to spend your summer in Salina? 

College Students Home for the Summer

Get ahead academically by taking a course at Kansas Wesleyan University

Stay on track and graduate on time by taking a course that will transfer to your home institution. If you plan on studying abroad or need a pre-requisite that could put you ahead of the game, check out our summer course list! Transfer Course Equivalencies

Explore a new major, take a fun course or find a new major

By taking a course this summer at KWU, you could discover a whole new area of interest! Check out our courses in Vampire Literature or Kinesiology. You may be interested in our course on Culture and Agriculture, taught by one of the world's most renowned experts, Dr. Wes Jackson. 

High School Students

Take a course for college credit this summer! This will put you ahead of schedule when you start classes at KWU or anywhere you plan on attending college. Learn more about our Pre-Freshman program. 


Perhaps you'd like to explore a new interest, want take advantage of some professional development or are interested in finishing or starting a degree. You can audit classes or get credit - it's up to you! More about non-degree seeking students. Contact an admissions representative about finishing or starting a degree. 

Summer Course Catalog

Courses are available in the following departments: Biology, Behavioral Sciences and Human Services, Business Administration and Accounting, Communications Studies and Theatre Arts, Computer Studies, Education, English, History, Languages, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics, Religion and Philosophy and Sport and Exercise Science.

Course Costs

Auditing a course (non-degree seeking), $120 per credit hour
Pre-Freshman courses, $120 per credit hour
Transferable courses (if you do not meet one of the price exceptions) $240 per credit hour

Enrollment and Registration