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Summer 2014 Financial Aid

 Summer 2014 Payment Selection Form

Summer is the 3rd term of the 2013-14 Academic Year which began in August 2013.  Therefore, the federal financial aid available is that which you did not use during the year.  Here is how you can estimate that amount:

13-14 Pell Grants?

Answer these questions:



Did you receive Pell Grant in your financial aid award in the 13-14 year? 


You would not be eligible for Pell in Summer either

Then maybe?

Continue to Question 2

Were you enrolled in less than 12 units for either Fall or Spring?


You will have received your entire 13-14 Pell Grant, there won’t be any left over for Summer.

Looks good!

Contact the Office of Student Financial Planning

13-14 Direct Loans?

1)      Log onto you MyKWU Portal Account > 13-14 Financial Assistance Awards.

2)      Sum the total of the Direct Subsidized and Direct Unsubsidized Program awards you received in 13-14.

3)      Compare that total to the matrix below.  Find the cell on the matrix where your  “Year In School in Column A” and your “Dependency Status in Column B intersect, that number is your annual loan limit. 

4)      Subtract the Sum from #2) above from the Annual Loan Limit in #3) above.  If the result is a positive number, you may be able to receive additional loan funds for Summer.    Contact the Office of Student Financial Planning.

Column A

Column B

Your Year in School

Units Earned as of end of  Spring 2014

Dependent Student

Annual Loan Limit

Independent * Student

Annual Loan Limit

Of which no more than below $ can be Subsidized



$ 5,500

$ 9,500

$ 3,500



$ 6,500

$ 10,500

$ 4,500


59 – 88.99

$ 7,500


$ 5,500


89 – BA/BS Degree

$ 7,500


$ 5,500

Grad  School

In MBA program

N/A-All grad students are independent


N/A-All graduate level loans are unsubsidized

Calculation:         Annual Loan Limit from Matrix above                                                                                     $_______________

                                Sum of total Direct Loan awards you received in 13-14 from line 2 above                Less: $_______________

                                Difference                                                                                                               Equals:  $_______________                      

If the difference is a positive number contact the Office of Student Financial Planning, You MAY BE ELIGIBLE!

Remember:        √ You cannot borrow in excess of  the aggregate Loan limits allowed AND

                         √ You must be enrolled at least half time at KWU, which in summer for undergraduates is 3 units.

13-14 Parent Loans for Undergraduate Study (PLUS) Loans?

1)      Log onto you MyKWU Portal Account > 13-14 Financial Assistance Awards.

2)      Did you receive a Parent PLUS  Program award in 13-14?

3)      If  Yes, then your parent can log onto using their FAFSA PIN and apply for another PLUS loan for the period May 2014-July 2014.

4)      If No, and you are Dependent Student, your parent may be able to borrow for Summer.  Your parent should go to and apply for a PLUS loan for the period May 2014-July 2014.  They will receive an immediate response.

  1. If Approved, KWU Student Financial Planning will be notified electronically in a few days.
  2. If Declined, your parent could apply with a co-signer .  The cosigner would log on  ** and apply to be a Co-Endorser.
  3. If Declined, you may qualify for additional Unsubsidized Loan which could help you pay for Summer.  Contact the Office of Student Financial Planning and have your parent forward the email with the denial to

What if you don’t have federal  financial aid available or don’t want to use you Federal awards in summer..?  Tuition is much lower in Summer.  It may be affordable for you.

$240 per unit  (i.e. one 3 unit class X $240 = $720.)

What about Payment Plans?

1)      Calculate your total Tuition          $240 X # of units* ___________________ =     $___________________

2)      Add any additional fees (i.e. Internship fees)                                                       $___________________

3)      Total charges                                                                                                       $___________________

*not number of classes….number of units

Payment Plan Option #1

Payment Plan Option #2

Pay Total Charges (Line 3 above) in full BEFORE June 1st.

Divide line 3 above  by  two

Due NO LATER THAN June 1   $___________ (1/2 of line 3)

Due NO LATER THAN July 1     $___________ (1/2 of line 3)

What about (Federal) Work Study jobs in the summer at KWU?

There MAY be some jobs available for Summer.   If you are already a Work Study worker, contact your supervisor to see if they have work for you to and funds in their budget.  If not, or if they do not have funds in their budget, contact the Office of Student Financial Planning for any other positions which may be open.  You do not have to be enrolled in Summer School to work Work Study in Summer but must be enrolled for and returning in the Fall.

13-14 Alternative Loans?

1)      Log onto you MyKWU Portal Account > 13-14 Financial Assistance Awards.

2)      Did you receive an Alternative Loan in 13-14?

3)      If Yes, contact your lender to inquire about additional funds for Summer.  (Hint: Any payments due must be current.)

4)      If No, you apply for Alternative Loans at the lender of your choice’s website.  Go to >Current Students > Office of Student Financial Planning > Charges, Costs and Payment Plans.  Scroll down to the bottom for more information about Alternative Loans.

5)      Remember:  Alternative loans are not federal student loans.  They require a positive credit history deeper than most college age students could have and will probably require a co-signor.  Benefits and terms are different from federal student loans. Interest rate will probably  be higher than a federal student loan. Borrow with care.