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The Department of Chemistry

Dr. James Townsend, Assistant Professor, Chair

Chemistry Course Descriptions

The Chemistry Department at Kansas Wesleyan University strives to meet the diverse needs of today’s science students.  Providing a solid science curriculum coupled with the breadth of liberal arts education, a variety of programs prepare chemistry students for exciting careers in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy, chemical industry, and science education.  The chemistry faculty takes special interest in advising students and devises a program of study appropriate for the students’ career goals.  Chemistry Department programs incorporate interdisciplinary learning with “hands on” experience.

A Bachelor of Science degree may be obtained for the following majors:  Chemistry, Biomedical Chemistry, and Chemistry Education (Grades 6-12).  Minors are available for Chemistry, Forensic Science and Science & Technology.  The forensic science majors and minors are currently under moratorium.

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