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The Department of History

Dr. Anita Specht, Chair

History Course Descriptions
Political Science Course Descriptions

Our students receive a liberal arts education grounded in the Christian faith. Consistent with the mission of Kansas Wesleyan University, the History Department “fosters a lively discussion of faith and values, encouraging students to develop a thoughtful, personal world view informed by the Christian tradition.”  Courses stress analysis, critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, and mastery of information. All history majors must complete an internship and a senior thesis based on their research in local libraries and archives. Our students do not just learn about history, they become historians.

Majors in History and History Education and a minor is History may be obtained in the History Department. A Bachelor of Arts degree is available for those students completing a History or History Education major.


The American Bar Association website lists history as one of the majors which are traditionally chosen by students who wish to enter law school.  A history major requires students to evaluate written material, organize information, do research, and draw conclusions.  All of these skills would be useful preparation for law school and appear on the American Bar Association's list of core skills and values.  However, students who are considering the law as a career should chose a major which interests them, realizing that law schools accept candidates from a wide variety of disciplines.  The best preparation for legal training, according to the American Bar Association, is "taking a broad range of difficult courses from demanding instructors" (   The History Department prides itself on challenging students and would be a good choice for those considering a legal career.

Minor in Political Science

The political science minor provides a dynamic course of study that can enhance students’ preparation for employment in fields of law and law enforcement, business, sociology, and public service. This minor explores the relationship between politics in theory and politics in action. Students have the opportunity (not required) to practice what is learned through participation in a variety of campus activities, committees, and organizations.

This minor is offered as a cooperative learning experience from the Behavioral Science and History Departments at Kansas Wesleyan University.