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The Department of Religion & Philosophy

Dr. Philip Meckley, Chair

Religion & Philosophy Course Descriptions

The department offers majors in Religion and Philosophy, and minors in Religion and Philosophy.  A Bachelor of Arts degree may be obtained by students completing the requirements for the Religion or Philosophy major.

The Religion major is designed to provide students a broad-based exposure to all elements or religious and philosophical study, including Bible, theology, philosophy, and ethics.  Furthermore, it can prepare students for advanced study toward ordained and diaconal ministries, or for graduate study in other fields in religion and philosophy.

The Philosophy major is designed to stimulate critical thinking skills in the student.  Furthermore, the Philosophy major exposes students to a wide range of ideas and applications in different areas of philosophical inquiry, including epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics.  It can prepare students for advanced studies or graduate work in education, law, and other fields in religion and philosophy.

Nesmith Chair of Bible.  The purpose of the Nesmith Chair of Bible is to provide instruction in the English Bible as the basic body of literature that informs the Christian Faith. By using modern tools of inquiry to define and to validate the authority of the Christian Scriptures, students can formulate the foundation of their intellectual and spiritual development.

History of the Chair.  O.L. and Clara Nesmith moved from Iowa to Wilson, Kansas in 1874 and then to Salina in 1908. They contributed generously to the construction of most of the buildings on KWU’s campus, and in 1912 established the Nesmith Chair of Bible with a gift. In 2002, the Board of Trustees reworded the purpose of the chair when reestablishing it.

Occupants of the Chair are named by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the President and consideration by the Committee on Academic Affairs of the Board. This process is reviewed every five years.