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The Liberal Studies Program for Teacher Education


(For Teacher Education Students)

Kansas Wesleyan University is committed strongly to the liberal arts tradition.  All students seeking a baccalaureate degree with teacher licensure will be required to complete the Liberal Studies Program described below.

Liberal Studies Mission Statement: The Teacher Education Liberal Studies program is the foundation for our undergraduate education.  It provides for the development of broad knowledge and abilities upon which the teacher education professional program is built.  Students will develop skills important to the responsibilities of a reflective teacher.  The Liberal Studies program provides students with a foundation for academic excellence, life-long learning, a strong sense of spiritual and personal wellbeing, and social responsibility to become reflective teachers with the potential for professional leadership.

The objectives of the Liberal Studies Program along with the KSDE General Education Standards are stated before each respective curriculum requirement. The required courses listed under each objective and standard(s) are not presumed, by themselves, to ensure that a student accomplish that objective or meet that standard(s); however the program as a whole is designed to meet these objective and standards to provide a sound foundation for liberal education. Although some courses may be listed as meeting more than one set of objectives, students may only use a single course to meet a single requirement.

Upon completion of the Liberal Studies Program, students will be able to:

I.             COMMUNICATION - (3 courses)

KSDE Standard #1:   The educator uses the modes of effective communication including listening, viewing, and speaking to promote active inquiry, collaboration, and interaction.

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate effective oral and written communication and the ability to evaluate rhetoric.

The student will complete all the courses listed below, preferably during the first two semesters of study.

A.           Oral

               SCTH 130             Principles of Speech                     

B.           Written – Grades of “C” or higher required.

               ENGL 120            Introductory English Composition                                        
               ENGL 121            Intermediate English Composition                                       

II.           MATH, SCIENCE, AND TECHNOLOGY - (4 Courses)

KSDE Standard #3:  The educator understands the role that mathematics plays in everyday life, is able to use basic mathematical and statistical concepts in solving the problems of everyday life, and is able to communicate with others about these concepts.

KSDE Standard #4:  The educator understands the natural world as interconnecting phenomena explained by scientific processes and understands the responsibilities of being stewards of the natural world.

A.           Mathematics

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate an ability to use quantitative and symbolic reasoning.

The student will complete one course from the list below.

                               BSHS 210            Statistical Analysis                                      
                              MATH 105           Survey of College Mathematics                             
                              MATH 120           College Algebra                           
                              MATH 121           Precalculus                                   
                              MATH 145           Calculus I                                     
                              MATH 243           Discrete Mathematics                               

B.           Science

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method and its applications.

The student will complete one course from the list below.

                              BIOL 110             General Biology                           
                              BIOL 226             General Microbiology                                                              
                              CHEM 120           Introductory Chemistry                             
                              CHEM 123           General Chemistry I                                  
                              CHEM 130           Forensic Science I                                     
                              PHYS 118            Intro. to Physical Science                                         
                              PHYS 119            Earth-Space Science                                  
                              PHYS 133            Astronomy                                    
                              PHYS 145            General Geology                                         
                              PHYS 221            Univ Physics I with lab (see below) and PHYS 221L   Univ Physics Lab 1                           

C.           Technology

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate an ability to effectively use technology.

The student will complete one course from the list below.

                              COMP 110          Computer Technology Essentials                           
                              COMP 131           Foundations of Computer Systems                                       
                              COMP 150           Applications                                  
                              COMP 200           Information Mgmt. & Data Analysis                                     
                              COMP 270           Web Page Programming I                                        

D. Science, Mathematics, or Technology Elective

The student will complete one course from IIA, IIB, IIC or the list below.

                              BIOL 102              Environmental Awareness                                       
                              BIOL 221              Human Anatomy & Physiology I                             
                              BIOL 122              Human Anatomy & Physiology II                            
                              HONR 200           Honors Seminar in Math/Science/Tech                               
                              PHYS 221             Univ Physics I                                

Students may not use COMP150 or COMP350 as Section D elective if one of those courses was used to meet the requirements of IIC.


KSDE Standard #5:  The educator understands the importance of physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate an understanding of the individual as well as a broad cultural view of humankind and an understanding of human relationships.

A.           Societal or Intercultural

The student will complete the courses below.       

               SOCI 131              General Sociology                                      
               SOCI 250              Racial &Ethnic Minorities                                        
                      or SOCI240        Social Inequality                                    

B.           Personal or Interpersonal

The student will complete one course from the list below.

               EDUC 244           Developmental Psychology           3                           
               SPES 120             Personal & Community Health     3                           
               PSYC 101            General Psychology (May be substituted for SOCI131)


C.           Language or Social Science Elective

Teacher Education highly recommends a foreign language.

The student will complete one course from IIIA, IIIB or one from the list below.

               BSHS 232            Human Sexuality                                                                       
               HONR 210           Honors Seminar in Social Science                                       
               PSYC 201            Social Psychology                                       
               SPAN 101             Elementary Spanish I                                 
               SPAN 102             Elementary Spanish II                                
               SPAN 201             Intermediate Spanish II                             
               SPAN 202             Intermediate Spanish II                             
               Elective from Section IIIA, IIIB                            

IV.  ARTS AND HUMANITIES - (7-8 Courses)

KSDE Standard #2:  The educator demonstrates an understanding of world cultures. The educator understands the importance of the fine arts in contemporary society.

KSDE Standard #6:  The educator understands the importance of the fine arts in contemporary society.

A. History

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate the basic skills of historical understanding and analysis.

For elementary -HIST105 or HIST106 plus one other course from the following are required.

For secondary - One course from the following is required.

               HIST 105              World Civilization I                                     
               HIST 106              World Civilization II                                    
               HIST 220              American History I                                     
               HIST 221              American History II                                    


B.           Literature

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate an ability to analyze creative work, and study and experience how thought, emotion, and meaning are expressed through the creative arts.

The student will complete one course from the list below.

               ENGL 125            Introduction to Literature                                       
               ENGL 206            World Literature                                         
               ENGL 209            Major British Writers I                              
               ENGL 210            Major British Writers II                              
               ENGL 211            American Literature I                                
               ENGL 212            American Literature II                               
               ENGL 305            Studies in British Literature                                     
               ENGL 306            Studies in American Literature                                
               ENGL 307            Studies in World Literature                                     

C.           Theory/Appreciation of the Fine Arts

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate an ability to analyze creative work, and study and experience how thought, emotion, and meaning are expressed through the creative arts.

The student will complete one course from the list below.

               ARTS 100           Art Appreciation                                         
               ARTS 255           Survey of Art History                                  
               ARTS 360           Art History Since 1940                              
               COMM 106         Principles in Visual Communication                                     
               COMM 230         The Film                                                        
               MUSI 115            Music Appreciation                                 
               MUSI 131            Music Theory I                             
               SCTH 100           Introduction to Theatre                            
               SCTH 106           Introduction to the Arts                            

D.           Bible

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate an awareness of the importance of human spirituality and values, in their relationship to the Divine.

The student will complete one course from the list below.

               REPH 156             Old Testament Survey                               
               REPH 157             New Testament Survey                             
               REPH 252             The Prophets                                
               REPH 258             Jesus and His Teachings                            
               REPH 259             Paul and His Teachings                             

E.            Theology/Philosophy/Ethics

Liberal Studies Objective:  Demonstrate an awareness of the importance of human spirituality and values, in their relationship to the ongoing tradition of philosophical and ethical inquiry.

The student will complete one course from the list below.

               REPH 102             World Religions                           
               REPH 111             Intro. to Ethics                            
               REPH 201             Intro. to Philosophy                                   
               REPH 205             World Philosophies                                    
               REPH 225             Spiritual Formation                                   
               REPH 300             Philosophy of Science                               
               REPH 306             Survey of Church History                                         
               REPH 310             Aesthetics                                     
               REPH 312             Philosophy of Religion                               
               REPH 315             Christian Faith                              
               REPH 320             American Philosophical Heritage                           
               SOCI 101              Justice                                            

F.            Language or Arts/Humanities Elective

Choose one 3-4 hour elective from the courses listed above in IVA through E and from the following courses.

1.            Demonstrate knowledge of a language and culture other than one’s own.

               HONR 220            Honors Seminar in Arts/Humanities                                   
               SPAN 101             Elementary Spanish I       4                           
               SPAN 102             Elementary Spanish II      4                           
               SPAN 201             Intermediate Spanish I    3                                          

SPAN 202             Intermediate Spanish II   3                           

V.           INDIVIDUAL ENRICHMENT/LIFE SKILLS - (2 credit minimum)

Liberal Studies Objective: 

Enhance breadth of experience, self-knowledge, and improvement in his/her life-long well-being.

The student will complete one course from the list below for a minimum of 2 hrs.

               ARTS 120             Two-Dimensional Design                                         
               ARTS 200             Drawing                                                        
               ARTS 205             Painting -- Acrylic                                       
               ARTS 208             Painting – Watercolor                             
               ARTS 230             Ceramics                                       
               ARTS 260             Photography                                 
               BSHS 105             Foundations of Addiction                                        
               BSHS 232             Human Sexuality                                         
               BUSA 250            Personal Finance                                        
               EDUC 244            Developmental Psychology                                     
               ENGL 360            Creative Writing                                         
               HONR 230           Honors Seminar in Individual Enrichment                            
               SPES 117             Concepts of Wellness                                
               INTD 105            The Wesleyan Challenge (required for first-time full-time freshmen)             3                           
               MUSI 160            Philharmonic Choir                                     
               MUSI 164            Jazz Ensemble                              
               MUSI 166            Wind Ensemble                            
               MUSI 167            Wesleyan Chorale                                      
               NURS 153            Nutrition                                                  
               PSYC 345            Addiction & the Family                             
               SCTH 140F          Speech & Drama Activities: Forensics