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weather safety in tornado season

Weather Safety

Be Safe

Tornado Safety Rules

1. Seek shelter under a sturdy table in the basement.

2. If no basement is available, go to a first floor, small interior room or a room on the opposite side from a tornado. Stay away from windows.

3. In schools, churches and shopping centers, go to designated shelters away from outside walls, glass, and large rooms (malls, auditoriums). Get under a table or counter or in a restroom or small storeroom. DO NOT GO TO YOUR PARKED CAR.

4. In motels, lie down in the lowest-level interior hallway away from glass. Dive under a bed or pull a mattress on top of you as a last resort.

5. In a vehicle, drive away at a right angle to the storm movement. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN YOUR VEHICLE. Abandon your vehicle and lie in a ditch or culvert or under a low bridge.

Overall: Underground and under a table are the watchwords. People who get under something usually survive.

Seek shelter on the first floor in an interior room, such as a closet or bathroom. Small rooms with a small floor area tend to be more structurally sound.


Kansas Wesleyan University has a weather station with online reporting of current weather conditions and a forecast through the following day. It is a resource used by the Saline County Emergency Management for approving burn permits and watching for severe weather patterns. It reports humidity level, dew point, barometric pressure, rain accumulation in the previous 24 hours, wind direction and speed, and wind gusts as well as sunrise and sunset times and forecasts temperatures for the day, along with a brief description of the weather forecast. For the weather science enthusiast, there is a "More Info" button on the link above that will take you to a full page of measurements collected by the weather station.