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Psychology Program Mission and Goals


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Behavioral Science and Human Services Department is to foster intelligent and compassionate students capable of critical thinking.

The mission of the Kansas Wesleyan University Psychology program is to develop ethical and analytical students, skilled in communication, and knowledgeable in psychology and the human experience for the purpose of improving human well-being and addressing social concerns.

Program Goals:

Students who complete the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of theory and research central to the major domains of the field.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of theory and research associated with domains beyond the core subjects.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of overarching themes, broad or enduring controversies, and major problems in psychology.
  • Identify and explain the scientific foundations of psychology, a use and evaluate scientific evidence for psychological claims.
  • Demonstrate ethical knowledge and skills appropriate to the level of experience and education.
  • Recognize existence of universal and culture-bound psychological principles; exhibit sensitivity, appreciation for all dimensions of human diversity.
  • Develop skills in writing in APA style, teamwork and collegial participation in discussions or debates in diverse groups, constructing and interpreting graphs and tables, and giving effective formal (i.e. professional) and informal presentations of research.
  • Understand the basic subject areas of psychology and employment of psychologists, and establish a plan to accomplish personal career goals.